It goes without saying that New Year’s Eve is the most over-rated and anticlimactic night of the year.

The expectations surrounding the last night of the year are way too high to ever be reached, which is why I’ve given up in recent years to sit in and watch Jools’ Annual Hootenanny instead – which is what I’ll be doing later on.

Nevertheless, plenty of revellers will be out and about tonight, but it’s not always kisses at midnight and choruses of Auld Lang Syne.

Nope, sometimes New Years Eve can be a car crash from start to finish.

Here’s 10 stories that will make you feel better about your own plans…


“When I was 22, my friends and I were in this super cheesy club in St. Louis. I excused myself just past midnight to use the restroom. Before I started my hover-squat, I placed my phone on the back of the toilet. Afterward, when I went to grab for my phone, I slipped in something wet and came crashing down, head-butting the toilet and breaking my nose. The matronly bathroom attendant wouldn’t let me leave until the bleeding stopped, and to make matters worse, my friends assumed I went home with someone else and left me there! Stranded on the landing with a broken schnozz!”


“Got drunk and then fell through my teachers garage roof!”


“I stupidly agreed to hosting a party at my house. I kept it as small and civilised as possible, thinking we’d end up playing board games, or something. It ended up being a rager, my flat got trashed and I kicked everyone out right after midnight. I stayed up until 5am cleaning food and mud from the floor and washing out vodka from the living room upholstery. Since then, I’ve never had more than 10 people at my flat at one time.”


“A bunch of my friends and I went to the rooftop bar of a hotel. About a half-hour before midnight, I ran down to my car because I had forgotten my camera. I figured I would have plenty of time to get back up there and find my friends. I grabbed my camera and got into an elevator all by myself. About halfway up, the elevator started shaking and stopped completely. I was trapped. A guy came on over the loudspeaker and told me there was an electrical short but he would have me out soon. A few minutes later, I could hear people outside counting down and celebrating.I didn’t get out until almost one in the morning. The worst part was, my friends hadn’t even missed me!


“Years ago, my mates and I were on holiday for New Year’s Eve. We had a great night but one of my friends had a little too much to drink and threw up out of our hotel window. The next day, the hotel’s management informed us he had thrown up onto a guest’s balcony, so we spent the morning cleaning frozen sick from a stranger’s room.”


“A drunk bloke at the bar thought I was trying to cut in line and started calling me a sl*g. So my boyfriend, who was just as drunk, got in a fight with him. The police were called and both my boyfriend and the drunk guy spent the night in jail.”


“It was the last day of the century, and I was looking forward to celebrating this night in a big tent with several bands entertaining the guests. The admission charge was a little on the expensive side, but this was a special day and I didn’t mind. I was dressed for the occasion, ready to rock-and-roll, and ready for a trip to the bank to get a couple of hundred bucks. It’s nice, when you can get your money 24/7 from an ATM machine, I thought. Happily, I put my card into the machine, selected $200, pushed the button, and within a second everything around me was dark. The ATM machine took my card and didn’t return it. We had a blackout. A few seconds later the light came on again and my card was still inside the ATM machine. I was banging and yelling at the machine, but no answer. A minute later a young man, also in need of money, put his card into the ATM machine next to mine, took his money, and left. I was standing there waiting for a miracle to happen. I had to wait until Monday to get my card back.”


“A bunch of us 16-year-olds got together on New Year’s Eve to stay up late, shotgun Mountain Dews, and play video games until our eyes burned out of their sockets. As it approached midnight, one of the guys decided to call it a night while the rest of us stayed up and continued playing video games. Half an hour later, the guy who went to sleep leaped out of bed and screamed frantically, ‘SANTA CLAUS IS COMING TO KILL ME!’ We turned on the light and tried to calm him down, but in his overly caffeinated, nightmare-fueled state, he was convinced that not only did Santa Claus have murderous intentions toward him, but also Santa intended to kill him with leather and whips.”


“I spent last new year’s alone, drinking Baileys in bed and crying because the guy I had been dating ghosted me and all my friends were celebrating out of town. So I was heartbroken and had FOMO all night. The Baileys was tasty, though.”


“I went to a party with my much younger sister. I didn’t know anyone there, so just sat to one side and drank. To cut a long story short, I threw up all over her friend’s bathroom and managed to hit myself in the face, triggering an epic nosebleed. I ended up being taken home at 10pm, where I passed out and was unconscious for the next eight hours. I spent New Year’s Day throwing up and feeling very sorry for myself.”

Happy New Year, folks!

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