Donald Trump isn’t that popular of a figure.

Understatement of the century, I know, but potentially more than any other president before him, Trump has divided not just the United States, but the world’s general population.

However, no matter where you stand on him (the windpipe for some) he’s undoubtedly the king of merchandise, with that tanned face of his plastered across just about every item and memorabilia you can think of.

Here’s 12 of the best (and most offensive):

1. Trump Toilet Roll

2. A Trump toilet brush

3. A Trump sanitary towel

4. A Trump pin cushion

5. A Trump troll doll

6. A Trump garden gnome

7. A Trump dog toy

8. Trump dog poo bags

9. Trump balloons

10. Trump Y-fronts

11. A Trump mug

12. A toilet-tweeting figurine

Brilliantly offensive stuff