Tommy Dorfman, the star of Netflix’s 13 Reasons Why, has announced she is transgender and her pronouns are now “she/her”.

The actress is best known for playing the male character Ryan Shaver in the popular series.

The 29-year-old confirmed her transition in an interview with Torrey Peters from TIME magazine, which she then posted to her Instagram account.

She wrote that she was “thrilled to reintroduce myself as the woman I am today.”

“I’m especially grateful to every single trans person who walked this path, broke down barriers, and risked their lives to live authentically and radically as themselves before me.

“Thank you to all the trans woman that showed me who I am, how to live, celebrate myself, and take up space in this world.”

She added: “My pronouns are she/her.”


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People flocked to the comment section to show their support, including a number of celebrities.

Modern Family star Jesse Tyler, who is also part of the LGBTQI+ community, said: “Yes! Stunning as always!”

The hugely influential American fashion designer Marc Jacobs wrote: “She is everything. A beautiful human.”

While her 13 Reasons Why co-star Brandon Flynn commented: “love YOU!”

In the interview with TIME, Dorfman said that she wanted to give clarity to her fans after undergoing operations to finalise her transition.

She said: “It’s funny to think about coming out because I haven’t gone anywhere. I view today as a reintroduction to me as a woman, having made a transition medically.

“Coming out is always viewed as this grand reveal, but I was never not out. Today is about clarity: I am a trans woman. My pronouns are she/her. My name is Tommy.”

Dorfman went on to say that she had been publically transitioning for the last year on her Instagram.


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She added: “I’ve been living in this other version of coming out where I don’t feel safe enough to talk about it, so I just do it. But I recognize that transitioning is beautiful. Why not let the world see what that looks like?

“So I kept, on Instagram, a diaristic time capsule instead—one that shows a body living in a more fluid space.”

Dorfman was then asked if the traditional method of transitioning – disappearing and then returning with a new look and name – was still viable.

She said: “For me, personally, it’s not viable. I’m not changing my name. I’m named after my mom’s brother who passed a month after I was born, and I feel very connected to that name, to an uncle who held me as he was dying.

“This is an evolution of Tommy. I’m becoming more Tommy.”

You are beautiful Tommy. We love you!

Image by Time Magazine