The gym is a total minefield. Personally. I hate it but I still put myself through it several times a week for some reason. No-one’s seeing my body. It’s an utterly fruitless and futile routine but hey, so is absolutely everything else life has to offer.

Not only do you have to deal with alpha males and their ways, but also people who have gone exclusively to socialise (by the looks of things), and perhaps worse, total idiots using the equipment all wrong.

Here’s some of the worst of the latter…

1. Best lay I’ve ever had. Certainly the best lay you’ve ever had.

2. Know your limits…

3. Good thing he’s in front of the mirror to check his form

4. I think they call this one the swan

5. The temerity of the big guys who think they own their local gym knows no bounds

6. Two man job, there

7. Hmmm if only there were some kind of weighted equipment designed for lifting in the gym.

8. I mean… what a twit

9. Just in case you ever get lynched, you can use your neck strength to get out of it

10. Same guy from #8?

11. Excellent form.

12. Really?

13. How even..?

14. Looks fun