(Boy)friends of Instagram…

I had Josh (Hook colleague (technically boss) and “friend”) take this photo of me in Barcelona in front of the famous La Sagrada Familia, and to do so, he had to crouch down…

It’s very clever, you see. It looks like I’m holding it.

Josh crouching down is the extent of what I’d make someone do for a photo. I couldn’t ask for someone to lie down on the pavement for a picture of me in front of some kind of old tree. It’s not cricket.

These people on the other hand…

1. This guy is actually breaking his back, taking this.

2. Is he very hairy or is that sand?

3. The colour of those trousers. He’s definitely getting grass stains on his knees.

4. I wonder if that’s their car?

5. That just seems dangerous.

6. I’m not sure what’s in front of her but that doesn’t even look like a good picture.

7. Again; white shorts. Not clean.

8. There’s easier ways of doing that…

9. Oh god they’re pretending to have fun.

10. Standard flowery bush photo.

11. To be fair, that’s probably a good photo.

12. The decent of man.

13. Not to be rude, but what a pr*ck. Crouch. Kneel. Do literally anything else and take that hat off.

14. What came first; the man getting in the tree and thinking there’s a good photo in that or the request from the lady?

15. So much could go wrong here.

16. Ugh.

17. Just dirty.

Images via Facebook