I once made this picture on Photoshop and thought “hey, that’s not bad photoshopping”…

Objectively, not much could have gone wrong. The humble background of sunflower seeds balances out the dangerously radical dog and comic sans is the general go-to for crowd-pleasing. Fine work indeed.

The thing is, you wouldn’t be able to tell but I’m self-taught. So-called “professionals” are given a crack of the whip far more often than I, and they do a horrible job of it quite a lot. Have a look…

1. BYOH – Bring you own head

2. Sexy little things have their belly button on the sides of their stomach for… reasons.

3. I want to say that everything about this is wrong. She has like three hairs that are constantly copy-pasted and his body just looks like an early rendering of a PS2 video game character.

4. Let’s see; you’ve got the yellow lab, golden Labrador, and how could you forget the Labrador that is golden??

5. This family portrait will hang for years…

6. I’m not a body-shamer but that baby has some messed up feet/legs

7. But hey, it seemed to grow up healthy…

8. No wonder she won. The second she dived in the pool she was touching the other end.

9. Wen u b carrying a disembodied horse’s head for the lols

10. Who thought that was a job done?

11. Careful, he looks mad

12. As if you wouldn’t just get rid of the nudest altogether…

13. Three-armed Oprah back on her bullsh*t

14. David Cameron’s so busy remembering those who died in the world wars that he doesn’t have time to buy a poppy.

15. Nicole Scherzinger is a very humble woman, not once has she bragged about her innate ability to levitate objects near – but not quite on – her hand

16. When you’ve got a very cold left arm so have to wear a solitary coat sleeve

17. I remember when I was a kid and my dad would paint a massive dashboard of a car around my television, in front of the sofa so we could all imagine we were watching in-car entertainment instead of a boring old TV.

That’s it. That’s the end of the thing.

Images via Reddit, Imgur, Bored Panda, Instagram, Twitter