French Journalist Calls English Fish Finger Croissant a ‘Monstrosity’

Another day, and yet another controversy emerges from the World Cup. However, this time the drama has come from 2 participating nations that are set to go head to head against each other this weekend — England and France.

French journalist Julien Hoez was disgruntled to see a fish finger and cheese croissant in a cafe, and what he had to say really raised some eyebrows.

The croissant in question came from Cawa Coffee, a chain in the UK that has outlets across the country.

Hoez tweeted: “Why do British people seem have an overriding need to destroy all that is holy in this world.

“A fish finger and cheese croissant!”

He finished his rant with a little of his native language: “Mais pourquoi ?! Pourquoi avez-vous consciemment choisi de créer cette monstruosité culinaire ?!?”

Google translates this to: “But why?! Why did you consciously choose to create this culinary monstrosity?!?”

He reportedly added that the foodstuff made him “beside himself,” and he even criticized the cooking of the croissants too.

“Overcooked, poorly balanced, and devoid of coherent, positive taste,” he said, adding that “they were left for waaaaaaaaaay too long in the oven.”

Then, the saga continued as even more nations joined in on the discorse. Hoez claimed that “even the Dutch are offended”, as well as the Italians.

“Is there no end to this cultural barbarity,” he said in his thread of tweets.

Cawa Coffee responded to the journalist’s outrage rather wittily by saying: “Mate, we can’t get enough of them.”

The original tweet itself now has over 1,800 likes and almost 1,000 replies, and you can bet there is a whole range of responses to the Frenchman’s thoughts.

Some people defended the cafe’s concoction: “Have you ever tried a fish finger sandwich? It’s comfort food at its best!” However, they did concede that “the cheese is a bit overkill”.

Another said: “On a scale of British to normal this is hanging more on the normal end.”

However, most people appeared to be on the side of the journalist.

One replied: “Yuck. I’m a Brit and wouldn’t touch that with a bargepole. Some of us have standards!”

Another simply called it a “crime against food.”

A third commented: “It’s a bit like those baguette-shaped sponges that gets sold as French bread in the US.”

Another person said: “Has anyone bothered to point out that these croissants look absolutely terrible on their own anyway?”

England and France have long been rivals, and when things get to food, it’s always messy. This was reflected in the tweet’s replies, with one French national complaining about the classic English dish of fish and chips is appearing “more and more often” on French menus.

To this, someone gave a hopeful response: “Au contraire it is very good news. When burgers appeared on French brasseries menus, they were made with best French ingredients and cooking savoir-faire. And today we can enjoy the best burgers ever served in restaurants. Hope the same fate for fish and chips!”

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