BBC Announces a New Series Of The Traitors Will Drop Tomorrow

Fans have been waiting patiently for the US version of the popular BBC show The Traitors ever since its incredibly successful run in the UK last November. Now, BBC has finally announced that it will be premiering on January 13, much to the joy of fans everywhere.

The US adaptation of The Traitors is set to be a near-identical replication of the hugely successful British version, with filming also taking place in Scotland. This show was a resounding success for the BBC, achieving impressive ratings with over 28 million people streaming it on BBC iPlayer alone.

The Traitors US is the ultimate murder mystery experience, bringing together twenty daring participants to a remote castle in Scotland. By playing together, they have the opportunity to complete tasks and missions with the hopes of collectively accumulating an impressive $250,000 in cash prizes.

As fans will be aware, Claudia Winkleman is the presenter of the UK version, but the US role will be taken on by actor Alan Cumming. The renowned actor, who has become a household name thanks to his incredible performances in X-Men 2, the Spy Kids trilogy, and various prestigious Broadway productions, has rightfully earned countless awards over his career as recognition of his unparalleled talent.

Dan McGolpin, BBC’s Director of iPlayer and Channels, expressed his excitement upon the announcement of the show’s release, he said: “Following the huge success of The Traitors, we’re delighted to give BBC viewers the chance to watch the brand-new US series within hours of its release in America. Hosted by Alan Cumming and filmed at the same location as the UK series, it’s a new year treat for those seeking out more treachery.”

Make sure to catch all the thrilling episodes of The Traitors US on BBC iPlayer starting from January 13. Plus, you can watch double-bills every Wednesday from 25 January on BBC One. For all those that watch it on-demand, then you can start viewing the show starting January 24 on BBC Three.

Fans were thrilled with the news, and many have taken to social media to share their thoughts on the new show…

One wrote: “Those of you who haven’t watched The Traitors on BBC iPlayer, I highly recommend it. It’s basically real life Among Us, I’m totally hooked.”

While another commented: “Great news! This is going to be a case of having to binge it all in one weekend to avoid major spoilers on here!”

However, not everyone is impressed, with a fourth writing: “Milking a format dry far too soon! Element of surprise format has soon be diluted more it’s screed and the more versions made! See @BBC never went ott screening USA strictly dancing with the stars keep main uk strictly focus ..just too soon to have more #TheTraitors available!”

“That lineup doesn’t have the magic of the UK version. 

There’s no diversity of characters – they all have the appearance of dolled-up z-list wannabes,” another chimed.

Will you be watching?

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