The Chase Host Bradley Walsh Criticised For Behaviour Towards Contestant Last Night

Viewers of the hit show, The Chase have called out host, Bradley Walsh online after he made a “rude” comment to a young contestant in the latest episode.

Wednesday night’s contestant, nineteen-year-old Evie, wowed viewers in the first round after answering 6 questions correctly, bagging a whopping £6,000 for the team. 

Walsh, as well as the audience, was clearly taken aback by her impressive knowledge, which prompted him to question her age. “How old are you?” he asked, to which Evie replied: “Nineteen.”

Bradley, once again shocked by her skills, added: “6 grand. Impressive. Very good.”

But it seems his questions have prompted backlash online from viewers who called him out for being “rude.”

“DON’T ASK A PLAYER THEIR AGE!!” one fan tweeted.

“Brad’s gone for the old ‘how old are you’ trick again. And the ‘good for a young player’ trick,” another wrote.

“Me ‘Don’t say it, don’t’ … Bradley: ‘How old are you?’ [eye roll emoji],” a third said.

“Bradley asking contestants how old they are klaxon!” another added.

At the start of the show, Walsh asked Evie what she would be using her winnings on if she were to take home the cash prize, to which she shared that she would be spending it on driving lessons. Later adding that if she were to get a large win, she would use the money to travel to Australia to visit her grandmother. 

But sadly, it didn’t work out, and Evie was sent home in the second round. 

Despite impressing the audience with her first cash-building round, Evie ended up losing to the chaser Jenny Ryan, who managed to overtake the nineteen-year-old during their 1-on-1 round.

“You’re a good player and I’m sorry to lose you,” Bradley told her. “But that is the way it goes, Evie.”

Following her gallant effort and subsequent loss, the team managed to rack up £19,000 between them, but sadly Jenny Ryan once again proved just how impressive she is, managing to win the last round with just 2 seconds to spare. 

Viewers voiced their disappointment on Twitter, many mentioning how influential Evie was…

One wrote: “That was a great episode of #TheChase. Very strong team and Jenny on top form, only got a couple wrong all night. Shame they lost Evie too.”

Another commented: “Evie was a little sweetie, shame she didn’t get through to the final chase…”

“Ah that’s a shame. They really needed her in the final chase!!!!” a third said. 

Another thought that her questions were picked out by the show on purpose, with another viewer writing: “@ITVChase poor Evie, she has brains and beauty and I can’t help thinking the questions were contrived in accordance to the Chase’s budget, they knew she probably wouldn’t know the answer. Shame on you Chase production! I would stop watching but I love it too much!”

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