It has been announced that a third instalment of the Tron franchise could possibly be in the works, over a decade after the second movie came out. 

Disney released the classic Tron in 1982, starring Jeff Bridges as Kevin Flynn and Bruce Boxleitner as the voice of Tron. 

Flynn is a video game designer who suddenly finds himself inside his own creation when an attempt to find proof that five video games he created were stolen by ENCOM’s senior executive Ed Dillinger, goes wrong. He is forced to team up with the security program Tron to defeat the master control program and find his way back to the real world. 

The movie was revolutionary for its time. Its innovative visuals and story made a lasting impression on viewers that has been remembered by fans for many years. 

Fast forward to 2010, and the highly anticipated sequel, Tron: Legacy, was released to the delight of fans everywhere. This sequel brought back the same groundbreaking visual effects and thrilling plot as its predecessor, while introducing new characters and an exciting new story.

In this movie, Flynn’s son embarks on a mission to find his father and eventually lands in the digital domain designed by him. Here, he encounters his dad’s corrupted creation, discovering a ruthless digital universe of fierce programs and lethal gladiatorial games that his father has been surviving in for two decades.

And now, after years of trying to get a third movie up and running, it has been announced that Tron 3 could finally be in the works, and Jared Leto is allegedly set to star in the flick. 

Joachim Ronning is currently in talks of directing the film titled Tron: Ares, which will follow on from the 2010 sequel, with Jesse Wigutow as the scriptwriter. 

Hearing the news, fans have taken to social media to share their thoughts…

One excited Facebook user wrote: “I really hope they’re serious this time about making a new one. Been a Tron fan since I got the disc as a kid and watched it almost everyday. To this day I still rewatch it all the time. Probably almost to 1000 times seeing it and it never gets old. I have very high hopes for this franchise.”

While another commented: “Tron Legacy, my fav movie of all time. I’m sure a new Tron will suck but who knows, Legacy was a sequel and was way better than the first so maybe #3 will be pure perfection.”

However, not everyone is impressed that Jared Leto will be taking the lead, with another writing: “I would love to see a ‘Tron 3,’ but not so sure about Jared Leto as a lead. I agree with Angie Wirth in reprising Garrett Hedlund & Olivia Wilde’s roles, as it would add an interesting back-story, considering her character’s transformation from a CGI into a living being.”

“Was really hoping that if they were going to make a Tron 3 that the cast from Legacy would be reprising their roles… I have nothing against Jared Leto but the last handful of movies he’s come out with have been awful…” a fourth added.

What do you think?

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