A PG comedy Blank Check, created by Walt Disney Pictures in 1994, is about an eleven-year-old child, who gets his bike ran over by an escaped convict and bags a $1 million dollar check as a result.

While the film is meant to be like any other cheesy ’90s flick, there’s one big problem, according to viewers, it’s hugely “inappropriate.”

And one particular kissing scene has left people horrified. 

In the film, the young boy, Preston (played by Brian Bonsall), pursues a grown woman, Shay Stanley (played by Karen Duffy), after spotting her while being driven around in his limo, which he bought with the money that no one questions him about…

And while that’s obviously a big plot fall in itself, it’s not nearly as bad as the fact a child has a romantic relationship with a literal adult.  

Before everything wraps up, we find out that the woman in question is an undercover FBI agent tasked with finding out more information surrounding a bank robbery which led to Preston getting the large payout.

At the end of the film, when the bad guy is arrested, and the kid ends up right back where he started at the beginning of the film, the FBI agent/love interest leans in and shockingly kisses the young boy on the lips.

The movie has recently been made accessible to stream on Disney+, which has led to new audiences discovering the film for the first time, and it understandably hasn’t gone down well with modern audiences. 

Gio Johnson (@gio johnson), a TikTok user, released photographs from the film, including a scene when the two share a kiss, and it really rubbed other TikTok users up the wrong way.

“Watching this as an adult made me uncomfortable,” Gio captioned his post.

One user commented: “Me showing my kids my favorite 90s movies and realizing they were NOT appropriate”

“I SAW THIS MOVIE A FEW WEEKS AGO AND I WAS ENRAGED!!!” another person commented.

A third person said: “Did I block that scene out of my head […] lord what did they have us watching,” with a fourth agreeing: “Yes I was watching this with my daughter a couple of months ago. Immediately said hell naw. They would’ve caught a case for real if it was to come out today.”

Saying that, it seems the movie was even controversial when it first came out, with the Chicago Tribune calling it “one of the sleazier movies ever marketed to kids.”

“With its contrived plot, its MTV-inspired montages and its blatant shilling for products, it is film as hard sell, and it comes with a decidedly suspect warranty,” the review reads. “Its mercantile instincts are so primary it looks like an infomercial … Such a movie for children (from Disney yet) is a scary sign that Hollywood’s sensibilities are so out of whack there is no ethical bedrock left.”

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