Matt Lucas Confirms He’s Working On Little Britain Follow-Up Series With David Walliams

Little Britain creators, Matt Lucas and David Walliams are reportedly coming together to create a brand new show, and are currently “brainstorming” ideas.

Lucas recently revealed the exciting news on The Zoe Ball Breakfast Show on BBC Radio 2: “We just thought it was time so we quit our jobs and decided to do that. We just started last week, we got together and we started brainstorming.

“We’ve got an idea for a new show and we need a few more brainstorming sessions but we know what we want the show to be. It will be a show with us playing lots of characters, but we have to write the treatment for it and we have to go and pitch it and see if anyone wants to make it – but if someone wants to make it, we’ll be thrilled to do it.”

They made their debut performance together back in 2003, with Little Britain, which was a huge hit at the time, but as times have changed has been met with large backlash for it’s controversial depiction of ethnic minorities, and people with disabilities.

This will be the first project the pair have worked on together since they created Come Fly With Me, which was later taken off streaming services, along with Little Britain due to their use of blackface in the show.

Speaking about the decision back in 2020, a BBC spokesperson said in a statement: “There’s a lot of historical programming available on BBC iPlayer, which we regularly review,” adding: “Times have changed since Little Britain first aired so it is not currently available on BBC iPlayer.”

However, the comedy writing team appears to have been eager to start working on the project for some time, as Lucas recently said they are developing a new version of the stetch show that is more representative of society as we are now.

A couple of years before the news broke, Lucas shared in 2020: “We need to sit down and work out who we are bringing back and who we aren’t.

“I think the reason the show was successful is because it reflected how we all were back when we made it, if we hadn’t have got that right it wouldn’t have been so popular.

“I think to make it successful today you’d have to reflect how we all are now.

“I think you definitely have a better chance of success if you are in sync with how people are at that time.”

This is a surprising statement, as in 2017, Lucas said: “Little Britain is about fifteen to sixteen years old now, we all got old. And I think you would do things differently now.

“I think if we brought it back the way we did it then you would upset a lot of people, but if you did it differently it wouldn’t be Little Britain, so that show has to exist there.”

Fans are understandably thrilled to hear the duo will be back on our screens after so long, but most are worried they will have to water down their comedy, with one writing: “Cancel culture will have a field day if Lucas & Walliams resurrect pretty much any of their old hilarious characters.”

Another added: “It will have to be PC, sanitised, inoffensive and woke compatible – it won’t work.”

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