Brutal Horror Movie That’s ‘Worse Than The Human Centipede’ Is Now On Prime

The latest horror movie to hit Amazon Prime is so brutal, viewers think it’s worse than The Human Centipide. 

Tusk has left people “literally traumatised” by the bizarre plot of the film, which sees a man get surgically transformed into a walrus by a deranged loner named Howe.

The film is directed by Kevin Smith, who is well known for his work on the cult classic Clerks. it stars Justin Long as a podcaster who travels to Canada in search of a story, and encounters a man who has an disturbing obsession with walruses, notably one he claims saved his life, named Mr. Tusk.

The synopsis reads: “A U.S. podcaster (Justin Long) ventures into the Canadian wilderness to interview an old man (Michael Parks) who has an extraordinary past, and the American learns the man has a dark secret involving a walrus.”

Despite the movie not getting the best reception from viewers when it came out in 2014, it has recently shot back into the spotlight when it came out on Amazon Prime, and many are calling the movie “unforgettable.” 

But not in a good way. 

Viewers have taken to social media to share their thoughts on the film, with TikToker Heidi Wong calling it one of the “most insane horror movies [she’s] ever seen.” We have to agree with her. 

Discussing the film in a now-viral video, she told her followers: “Out of all the horror movies that I’ve seen, this one gets to me the most. 

Tusk is about a podcaster who meets a crazy man who wants to turn him into a walrus, as in surgically turn him from a human to a walrus.

“This movie was worse than The Human Centipede to me.

And it seems a lot of other viewers have the same thoughts, one traumatised TikTok user wrote: “Tusk is simply unforgettable.”

Tusk freaked me out too, actually to this day,” another added.

While a third commented: “Tusk will be forever ingrained in my brain and I will never forgive the person who made me watch this.”

A fourth admitted: “Tusk’s ending had me literally traumatised.”

“Just watched Tusk… please if you’re thinking about it.. don’t. Do not do it,” a fifth warned potential viewers. 

Despite the generally unfavourable reviews, Long disclosed in 2022 that the filmmaker had contacted him about a Tusk sequel.

He told Slash Film: “He [Smith] texted us all the other day, Haley [Joel Osment] and Genesis [Rodriguez], and he told us that he wanted to do it, and I thought it was a joke.

“And then I realised he was being serious. And then one of the [other] interviewers said, ‘Yeah, he said the same to me.’”

This came 2 years after the filmmaker shared his story idea for a second movie with Twitch in 2020, revealing that he would want Long to take on the role of Michael Parks.

“There’s a version of Tusk 2 that you do where… you cut to the present, and somebody else gets sucked into the spider’s web. The house, you hear stories, and when you get to the house, the new Howard Howe is Wallace, who has gotten out of the walrus trappings and stuff and is obviously disturbed by his entire ordeal and is now doing it to others. So there’s a way to do Tusk 2 where Justin becomes Michael Parks’s character. Wallace becomes, sort of, the new Howard Howe.”

I don’t think we’d recover from that.

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