Love Island stars Molly-Mae Hague and Tommy Fury have just announced the name of their baby girl, and it’s adorable.

This comes shortly after the news that Jake Paul ‘accidentally’ broke the news that Hague and Fury had welcomed their first child. 

Paul and Fury are set to battle it out in the ring in Saudi Arabia on 26 February, after months of cancellations due to visa issues and injuries. And it seems Paul has taken trash talk to a whole new level.

As fans will already be aware, Love Island’s Fury and Hague have recently welcomed their newborn daughter into the world and shared the incredible news with their 7+ million followers on Monday.

However, before they could make their announcement themselves, Paul decided to spill the news in a Tweet while also bashing his rival Fury, who he claimed had ‘no excuses now,’ in reference to their upcoming fight.

He wrote: “Baby’s born. Money’s massive. Immigration no issue.”

It seems that Paul was unaware that he had ‘leaked’ the baby news before the couple had the chance to announce it, as he told reporters: “Did I do that? I leaked it? Oh s***. My bad. I’m sorry Tommy, but don’t worry, I won’t tell anyone the gender or anything like that.”

It didn’t stop there though, as Paul went on to leave a remark on the Instagram post after Hague and Fury made their own public announcement.

“Just in time to watch your dad get knocked out,” he wrote before later deleting the comment.

And understandably, fans were furious with him, one wrote: “No matter your opinion on the whole Jake Paul and Tommy Fury situ, it’s just morally wrong to a) announce the birth of someone else’s baby and b) comment on their announcement post with such an inappropriate comment.”

While another said: “Jake Paul announcing the birth of someone else’s baby before they do seems cruel to me, I feel like he robbed them of a special moment for, what, a cheap shot?”

And a third added: “The fact that Jake Paul actually leaked that Molly Mae had her baby is so sad for her. I would have been gutted if someone had announced that I had birthed my child before I got to, especially to millions of people.”

Despite the backlash, Paul didn’t stop there. He later spoke out about Fury to reporters, saying: “Yeah. It’s a bit bizarre. Two of his biggest life moments in a very short time period here.

“I was telling my friends: I don’t know how he’s mentally going to be able to deal with that.

“If I had a kid, I wouldn’t want to be showing up at the gym, so I think it’s going to be a distraction for him.”

Although Paul might have leaked their baby announcement, the couple have still been able to keep one special moment to themselves, their baby name reveal.

Hague took to Instagram to share the adorable name after months of hinting at what it could be to fans.

In a Q&A last year, the reality star said she has had the name picked out “since I was a baby girl myself” and said she’d “not seen any other girls with the name before,” which set off dozens of comments from fans, trying to guess what it could be.

Well, Hague finally revealed her newborn’s name, along with a photo of the tot in her new room.

“Bambi,” she captioned the adorable photo, and fans were loving the Disney themed name. 

One wrote: “such a cute name.”

While another commented: “absolutely perfect.”

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