Breaking Dad Star Bradley Walsh Reduced To Tears By Son Barney’s Confession

One of TV’s biggest highlights at the moment has to be Breaking Dad with Bradley Walsh and his son Barney.

The show is known for the pair’s epic road trips, which have seen the father and son duo travel all over the globe, but its latest episode tugged on viewers’ heartstrings in a totally unexpected way after an emotional confession by Barney.

If you’re not all that familiar with the show, let’s get you caught up.

Bradley is quite the icon of British television, having starred in a variety of shows such as The Chase, Coronation Street and Doctor Who, to name just a few. However, in 2019, the now sixty-two-year-old launched Breaking Dad (the name is a play on the legendary show Breaking Bad), which sees him and his son Barney, who is twenty five years old, travel all around the world.

In previous seasons, the pair have travelled to far flung places such as Slovenia, Iceland, as well as all over the United States.

In the latest episode, however, Bradley and Barney are in South America, and, more specifically, Costa Rica. It was here that they were forced to cope with dizzying heights in a tiny helicopter, as well as taking part in a local Roller Derby.

However, what really had viewers gripped was Barney’s heart wrenching confession to his father.

It came after they had come back down to Earth from up high in their roofless helicopter ride, which saw Bradley forced to face his fears of heights.

Following on from their ride, Bradley asked his son what his favourite activity the pair had got up to so far during the show’s run of 5 seasons was.

“It’s more about the memories,” Barney confessed, per The Mirror.

“The memories you make you doing these things, doing them with you. We are so blessed to be able to around the world and do this.”

In response to this, Bradley immediately (and to not much surprise) choked up.

“I’m not upset, I find it very emotional, very heartwarming – I really do,” he responded.

Fans took to social media to share their response to the sweet moment between father and son.

One user wrote: “As someone who has a strained relationship with one parent, I genuinely can’t explain how heartwarming it is to see someone have a healthy relationship with theirs, so whenever I see Bradley and Barney Walsh, it’s just…”

Another commented: “How sweet was that moment in the RV when Barney said about memories doing so many amazing things with his dad.”

While a third said: “Crying at #BreakingDad. I love Brad and Barney.”

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