You People Co-Star Claims Jonah Hill And Lauren London’s Kiss Was CGI

You People costar, Andrew Schulz has spoken out about a pretty significant part of the film, explaining it was done using CGI.

The comedian made this statement last week while discussing the movie with cohost Charlamagne Tha God and special guest Nyla Symone on an episode of  Schulz’s podcast The Brilliant Idiots.

He made light of the fact that the main actors Jonah Hill and Lauren London don’t seem to make a good couple and then admitted that they didn’t actually kiss during the filming of the movie’s closing scene.

“There’s a hilarious thing— I don’t even know if I should share this s—, but the final scene, they don’t even kiss,” Schulz said. “It’s CGI. Swear to God.”

According to Schulz, the performers did not really kiss during the scene in which Ezra (Hill) and Amira (London) tie the knot on screen, which led Schulz to assume the sequence would be edited away from the film.

“I’m there and I’m watching the wedding and I see them go in for the kiss and their faces stop like this far, and i’m like, ‘I wonder how they’re going to play that in the movie, they’ll probably just cut right there,’ ” he recalled. “But [in] the movie you could see their faces come close and then you can see their faces morph a little bit into a fake kiss.”

The synopsis for the film reads: “A new couple learns that opposites attract but some families don’t when they find themselves confronting their parent’s clashing views of their relationship in this comedy written by Jonah Hill and Kenya Barris.”

Even London said in a recent interview with Harper’s Bazaar that when Kenya Barris originally approached her about the role, she was hesitant about accepting it because she thought the characters’ connection would not be credible.

“Why would these two people really like each other?” she said after Barris’ proposal.

“They’re from two totally different worlds, and if you see them, you would never think that they would meet or hang out, whatever the case is,” she said. “It was a conversation on connecting with people genuinely and going for the soul connection.”

And it seems this can be felt through the screen, as the movie hasn’t had the best reception from Netflix users, with the film scoring a below-average 37% audience score on Rotten Tomatoes.

Viewers have been taking to Twitter to share their thoughts on the film, with one writing: “Don’t be mad at me, but this You People feels less like a movie, more like a series of vignettes that feels like a bunch of pop culture references and awkward stereotypical bits played to spark conversation.”

While another commented: Really tried to like ‘You People’ just for Jonah Hill and Eddie Murphy but dear god it was so bad I just couldn’t finish it. Cringe jokes and dialogues. The entire movie was about Blacks and Jews trying to one-up each other with victimhood points. Would not recommend it.

You People is one of the worst movies I’ve seen in a while. The writing is shitty, the plot is predictable, the acting is mediocre and the antisemitic undertones are very strong. Don’t watch it lest you want to waste 2 hours of your life,” a third added.

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