Emily Ratajkowski has made her relationship with her new boyfriend public in a rather exposing way with a recent post to social media. So exposing, in fact, that the pair appear to be extremely bare in the snap!

Ratajkowski is a legend of the internet – ever since she appeared in the music video for Robin Thicke’s controversial track ‘Blurred Lines’, the model has been a mainstay of internet culture.

The London native then went on to completely dominate the modelling industry, and even branched out into acting, having starred in movies such as Entourage, I Feel Pretty and We Are Your Friends. She even starred in the Oscar-nominated flick Gone Girl, playing the role of Ben Affleck’s mistress.

However, she still looks back on the questionable music video that shot her to fame in a relatively positive light, claiming that the video is “actually celebrating women and their bodies.”

She further reflected: “I love that kind of conversation [that the video sparked] and I think it’s so important now. We see so many images of n**e women because of the Internet. I think it’s very important to make that distinction. I think the video is a great way to do that.”

She loved this conversation so much, in fact, that she even went on to write a book about it. The thirty-one-year-old released her debut essay collection, titled My Body, back in 2021.

Ratajkowski’s book was praised for its “uncomfortable honesty,” something that the model has rarely shied away from.

The latest news about the star reflects this totally open nature.

Reports have been emerging for months that Ratajkowski has moved on from her ex-husband, director Sebastian Bear-McClard, who she divorced last year.

But now, it has been confirmed, with her new beau sharing a cheeky snap of the pair over on Instagram to celebrate Valentine’s Day.

Eric André is best known for his work as a comedian, as well as his roles in the animated series Disenchantment and his voice work in 2019’s The Lion King. He was previously involved with actress Rosario Dawson, but is now evidently romantically involved with Ratajkowski.

The photo of the pair shared by André has broken the internet somewhat. Showing André sprawled on the sofa with nothing other than a heart emoji covering his dignity, the mirrors in the background show Ratajkowski taking the snap, while also being pretty bare herself.

The news appeared to be confirmed when the model shared a snap of André with Diplo to her story, with the words “Happy Valentine’s Day” written over the top.

Fans have flocked to the comments section of André’s post to share their thoughts on the new couple.

“In my next life I hope to come back as a male comedian,” one person joked.

Another commented: “I only know that is @emrata in the mirror purely because of the decor.”

While a third said: “Is it weird that I’m more curious what the wine is than who the girl is?”

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