The last minute performance at the 150-seat venue in the Isle of Wight, is where S Club 7 members, Tina Barrett and Bradley McIntosh were slated to perform after excited fans scooped up tickets for just £25 in less than 90 seconds.

This intimate but highly disappointing performance came after it was confirmed that the band are getting back together for one final tour.

“There ain’t no reunion like an S Club reunion,” jokes one megafan. And it seems the hysteria is building all around the internet as this story grows and grows…

If you were living under a rock during the time, don’t worry – we’ve got all the lowdown on everyone’s favourite pop band of the era.

S Club 7 consisted of seven (duh) members: Bradley McIntosh, Hannah Spearritt, Jo O’Meara, Jon Lee, Paul Cattermole, Rachel Stevens, and Tina Barrett. They were formed in 1998 by former Spice Girls mastermind, Simon Fuller.

The band first rose to fame with their BBC series, Miami 7, but it was their music which truly took over the world. In just five years together, S Club 7 gave us classics such as ‘Reach’, ‘Bring It All Back, ‘Don’t Stop Movin’, ‘S Club Party’, and ‘Never Had a Dream Come True’.

They also released a whopping 4 studio albums, released eleven singles, and sold ten million albums, so it’s safe to say that they had a pretty solid fanbase. And even in the years they’ve been away, the S Club fandom has remained strong, always hoping for that elusive reunion tour…

And now, a whole 2 decades after the band initially split, it seems as though they’ve had the news they’ve been hoping for.

The band split back in 2003, following Paul leaving because of his “creative differences.” He went on to front a nu-metal band, which is a bit too weird for us to think about. But sans Paul, the band continued to argue and eventually announced their split during a live performance – awkward.

Since the split, there have been rumblings of a reunion – including S Club 3, which consisted of Jo, Bradley, and Paul. S Club 3 did a pretty tragic tour of mostly student unions around the country, and did not satisfy the itch of true S Club 7 superfans.

Well, now that itch looks set to be well and truly scratched! The Mail Online reported that all seven of the original members are on board for a mega 25th anniversary reunion tour!

The source said: “Simon Fuller saw the value in this, S Club 7 had a huge following of all ages who he thinks will want to go and see them for nostalgia reasons. Their songs were so upbeat and fun, it is a massive commercial opportunity for them all, particularly Simon.”

The band expressed their excitement at getting back together, saying, “After 8 years it feels amazing to announce that we’re reuniting and performing together again.”

“We’re so excited to bring the S Club Party back to our fans across the country to celebrate twenty-five years of S Club 7. We can’t even believe it’s been so long!

“Music and friendship have always been at the core of everything that we’ve ever done. We hope everyone can join us for one big party!”

The band then appeared on BBC’s The One Show for their first interview since the news broke.

Rachel said: “We are so excited to get back out there and sing our hearts out.”

Bradley responded when questioned whether new music may be released: “If you know you know. We’re bringing the nostalgia, in today’s time we need a bit of positive.”

Jon said: “I don’t think we have changed that much. We all said yes immediately and we set up a WhatsApp group called S Clubbers.”

Rachel added: “It feels like the right time to spread some positivity.”

Paul continued: “We would like our fans to let us know what sort of songs they want to hear.”

Jo O’Meara interjected, sharing that she was hoping to join her bandmates on stage after having problems with her back for the last few years: “I’m ready, I’m doing physio, I’m just starting to get my back strong. But I will be there on that stage 100 per cent.”

Now, after this came out, news that Tina Barrett and Bradley McIntosh would be performing in the Isle of Wight left fans in a whirl, as dozens tried to get their hands on tickets for £25, with the show being sold out in under ninety seconds.

However, things didn’t exactly turn out as planned…

Sadly, because of a schedule conflict, only Bradley showed up the night of the performance.

One outraged fan wrote “Absolutely raging!! Paid good money to see two members of S Club 7 and only one showed up. We weren’t notified about this either.”

Another echoed: “What a disappointing night. I felt so bad for Bradley.”

A third called the night a “let down”.

After the news came out, a venue spokesperson told the Star: “Sadly, this situation was out of our hands.”

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