Jake Gyllenhaal Shocks World By Fighting In UFC Octagon

Actor Jake Gyllenhaal has startled fans and shocked the UFC community by winning a savage knockout twice in one week.

Gyllenhaal is renowned for his critically acclaimed performances in movies like Donnie Darko and Brokeback Mountain, and recently he has been working on a remake of the hit action movie, Street House, which starred Patrick Swayze as “Cooler” in a posh roadside bar.

Gyllenhaal will replace Swayze’s character in the remake, and he will take on the role of a former UFC fighter.

The forty-two year old astonished MMA fans by flaunting his muscular figure while filming scenes for the upcoming movie at Nevada’s UFC 285 stadium over the weekend.

He faced up against one of his co-stars at the weigh-in, smacked him in the face, and declared to commentator Jon Anik that he was prepared to win.

“I can’t believe I trained for this shit for six weeks to fight this piece of shit. Now just give me the belt. Come on motherf**ker let’s go!” Gyllenhaal could be heard shouting. 

The actor then performed a full strike to the ring before entering the Octagon and defeating opponent Jay Hieron via KO in a fictitious middleweight match, shocking the audience as they watched.

Gyllenhaal gave Hieron, who plays Harris in the upcoming movie, a really devastating flying knee kick that knocked him off his feet and left him completely destroyed.

Chris Tognoni, an MMA official, and Bruce Buffer, a famed announcer, both appeared in the fake bout to give it the appearance of being as authentic as possible.

Conor McGregor, a UFC fighter, will even appear in the upcoming film as the primary adversary. He was spotted over the weekend with Gyllenhaal, using the microphone to rile up spectators and send them into a frenzy before the fight.

“Who’s ready for tomorrow night?” McGregor yelled. 

“We have the biggest fight in Road House history, Harris vs. Dalton, UFC 222. Everyone in this arena, you’re about to be part of my movie.”

And while everyone is excited for the release of the new film, fans had a lot to say about the leaked clips, one social media user wrote: “Am a big fan of Jake and I never missed his movies, but what he did on the octagon was painful in the eye. We know it was fake, but he should’ve done it less cringy and more realistic at least.”

While a second commented: “Looked pretty awkward but remember it’s a quick live take and expected to be edited heavily. People nitpicking don’t remember when MMA representation in movies was non-existent.”

“I think this is way too violent even for the UFC and risks real fighters trying to make it for real in the future. Not even Khabib went that far and hiss was a nutcase after beating Conor. Next, he put Gaethje to sleep. But this scene is absolutely unbecoming the sport,” a third wrote.

Another added: “So, I thought that McGregor was gonna be the bad guy in the remake, but judging by this, I have my doubts. Even with some rewrites, that is not Dalton behavior. But then again, I certainly can’t see Connor carrying the main character spot, so, given that Jake is the seasoned actor, they must have done some MAJOR rewrites!!!”

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