Actors John Malkovich and Shuya Chang are in a movie that started production in 2015, but won’t be released until 2115.

Under the slogan ‘The Movie You Will Never See,’ Robert Rodriguez and John Malkovich’s experimental science fiction film 100 Years will explore a world 100 years into the future.

This isn’t the first movie of its kind though, there have been other films that have attempted long-term filming. The most popular of them is undoubtedly Richard Linklater’s Boyhood, a twelve-year filming project that followed the same boy at different moments in his life as time passed.

Nonetheless, it appears that this is the biggest time gap we’ve seen in cinema history.

This insane endeavour was undertaken to promote Louis XIII Cognac, which must mature for 100 years before it can be offered to consumers.

Ludovic du Plessis, the global executive director for Louis XIII Cognac, stated to The Guardian Life: ​​”Louis XIII is a true testament to the mastery of time, and we sought to create a proactive piece of art that explores the dynamic relationship of the past, the present, and the future.

“Four generations of cellar masters put a lifetime of passion into a bottle of Louis XIII, yet they will never taste the resulting masterpiece. We are thrilled that this talented actor and creative filmmaker were inspired to join us on this artistic endeavour.”

Despite the fact that we will be unable to watch 100 Years in its entirety, there are currently 3 teasers for the movie, each one offers a distinct perspective on life in 2115.

When the upscale booze company requested director Rodriguez to helm this project, he had already produced a few short films for them. Rodriguez is also the man behind the Spy Kids franchise and The Adventures of Sharkboy and Lavagirl.

He told INTHEPANDA: “I was making several short films for them, and I finished that one first, we shot that one first, I thought that was gonna be a commercial or something.

“And then I showed them the movie and they said ‘Yeah, that’s great, that’s great. That’s the one we lock away.’ And I said, ‘What? That’s the one you lock away? What about the other one with the future…’ ‘No, that’s the commercial.’

“The one that I was most attached to was the one they locked away.”

After hearing the news, social media users have a lot to say about the future movie, with one writing: “Nothing will exist that will be able to play this movie by then. NASA dealt with this regarding some of their tapes and equipment, from just the past few decades.”

While another commented: “This whole generation will be wiped out lol. But good luck to the nxt generation who will get a chance to see the movie in that year. Lol but all the good actors we dearly know now will be gone lol. But hey we all will be in a good place then, so good luck to the people down here on earth until then waiting for that year to come by.”

“Just set up a fund for my future grandkids for $20, in 92 years it will be worth $7000 and the only condition to gain access to the fund is to review bomb this movie,” a third joked. 

Another added: “It’s a cool concept and all but in 2115… Will John Malkovich be one of those names that would be highly regarded like Charlie Chaplin, Clark Gable, Buster Keaton, Joan Crawford, Lon Chaney, etc regarded still today? It would be a cool glimpse into the past I guess!”

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