Fans Can’t Believe What Karen From Outnumbered Looks Like Now

Despite some claims to the contrary, Outnumbered actor Ramona Marquez has hinted that her fans still believe she still resembles the BBC series’ character…

Despite the show ending way back in 2016.

Now, Outnumbered was a huge hit when it came to screens back in 2007. Hugh Dennis plays the father in the British sitcom, Claire Skinner plays the mother, and Tyger Drew-Honey, Daniel Roche, and Ramona Marquez portray the three children.

The show was centred around the Brockmans, a middle-class Chiswick family whose two parents are “outnumbered” by their 3 slightly rambunctious children.

Outnumbered was written, directed, and produced by Andy Hamilton and Guy Jenkin for Hat Trick Productions, while some of the show’s scenes were semi-improvised. The children receive last-minute instructions from the writers as the adult performers studied the texts.

The show has won praise from critics for its semi-improvised screenplay and accurate depiction of children and family life. The sitcom has received several honours from the awards, the Royal Television Society, the British Comedy Awards, and the Broadcasting Press Guild despite receiving average ratings for its time slot. 

In February 2009, plans for an American adaption were revealed, but as of yet, nothing has happened.

And it turns out the Outnumbered cast members are still close friends, as Ramona regularly posts on social media with her on-screen brothers. 

Fans were delighted to see the trio reunited in a recent Instagram photo, with one writing: “Love you guys and the show. My friend and I rewatch all the time. Still laugh all the time,” and other adding: “Glad to see the three of you together again.”

While another gushed: “It’s genuinely heartwarming to see pics of you guys growing up over the years.”

“Aww please can you make some more outnumbered episodes? Even if it was a one off episode,” a third wrote. 

It has been a whopping 7 years since the show wrapped up and we said goodbye to our favourite characters, but recently Ramona Marquez, who played Karen in the series has been shot back into the spotlight. 

The star recently took to TikTok to take part in a trend which saw her comment on her appearance and how people still tell her she looks the same as she did in the show, despite being just 6 when she took on the role. 

She wrote in the video: “Everybody tells me that I look like the little girl from Outnumbered”. And she added in the caption: “Not surprised I look like her really”.

​​More than 2 million people have seen the video, and it has received over 160,000 likes. Countless viewers responded with comments, shocked that they remembered who she was. 

One person wrote: “Shocked to say the least”. Another said: “I refuse to believe that is Karen”. 

While a third admitted they were “in shock” over the star’s recent TikTok. 

After seeing her all grown up, another wrote: “Okay… I’m officially old”. While a fifth echoed: “I feel old now lol loved that show”.

She looks so grown up, we can’t get over it!

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