Woman Who Has Watched 1000 Horror Movies Reveals Which Ones Actually Scared Her

TikTok user @madyplaysgames has taken to the social media platform to share her best picks after heroically sitting through an endless amount of terrifying movies… over one thousand to be exact!

If you’re a horror lover, then this frightful list of the best scary movies is bound to be of interest. 

The 1998 Japanese film Ringu, which served as the inspiration for The Ring, is where Mady starts her list of horror movies that “genuinely scared” her. According to Mady, if you liked the more popular The Ring, this is an essential watch. 

She also recommends The Orphanage, a 2007 Spanish supernatural horror film that she says “scared the absolute cr*p” out of her.

The 2015 found-footage movie Hell House LCC, which Mady claims is “really underrated,” is the next choice.

Another horror she recommends is REC, a Spanish film that Mady believes is “far superior” to Quarantine, which is more famous and inspired by it.

The Blair Witch Project, which is one you’ve probably all heard of before, is the next movie she chooses. Despite what some may think, she believes this is pretty terrifying. 

Mady explains: “I don’t care what anyone says, this is always going to be the scariest movie I’ve ever seen.

“I grew up when people were made to feel like this was a real documentary and it sticks with you.”

Mady then goes on to make another video, carrying on with her scary suggestions, and the 2008 horror film The Strangers, which she claims “scared me to the core,” is the first one she recommends in this.

She then suggests watching Midnight Meat Train, a film that our movie enthusiast calls a “real hidden gem” and which surprisingly stars former football player Vinnie Jones.

She then moves on to the incredibly frightening zombie film 28 Days Later. Mady follows this with the 2013’s A Tale of Two Sisters, which she claims will give you “that heavy in the chest feeling.”

And no horror film list would be complete without mentioning the iconic ​​1978 horror movie The Exorcist, which she rounds off her recommendations with. 

After going through her list, viewers took to social media to share their thoughts, including adding their own favourites, one wrote: “I’ve been watching horror movies since I was six. And out of all of them idk know why but smile did it for me this year. I guess I hate creepy people with a smile, like the movie. Time to watch more movies that are coming out next month!”

While another said: “One of the best ones I’ve seen is Hereditary. No jump scares really but is a very eerie movie. Loved it.”

“The Strangers absolutely terrified me and I still almost never answer the door if I’m not expecting anyone,” a third commented.

Another added: “Few horror movies these days actually scare me. Though there was an older Korean film I saw once called Bushinsaba (aka Witchboard) that left me pretty unsettled for a few days.”

Do you have any to add to the list?

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