Taylor Swift has kicked off her new Eras Tour in Arizona, and it seems the singer caught the attention of Tesla CEO Elon Musk…

And his bizarre post about the star has caused quite a stir online.

Now, We all know Elon Musk from his adventures in space. But recently, he’s ruffled a few feathers on Twitter, as his comments about Taylor Swift haven’t gone down too well with fans. 

Billy Markus, the creator of Dogecoin, tweeted: “Taylor Swift rules and if you disagree you’ll be kicked off the internet i’m pretty sure,” to which Musk responded “Her limbic resonance skill is exceptional.”

The concept of “limbic resonance” suggests that the limbic system of the brain is responsible for a person’s ability to communicate intense emotional feelings.

Swift’s official account tweeted four pictures of herself performing, to which Musk also personally reacted.

He reportedly implied that Swift was “smoking” in his “cigarette” emoji response to the collage.

Musk responded to a tweet from Teslaconomics, in which the user questioned if Musk and Swift would “make a cute couple,” and it doesn’t look like Musk agreed, as a “crying laughing” emoji served as his response.

Swift fans were horrified by Musk’s demonstrations of affection for the musician, with several saying that he should “go to horny jail”.

“You stay away from her,” one person wrote, while a second commented: “Elon Musk better leave Taylor Swift alone dawg.”

Another joked: “I don’t know what a limbic resonance skill is but I’m gonna work on mine as soon as I find out.”

However, some stood up for Musk, with one saying he was complimenting the star: “Don’t understand what so bizarre about it. He was explaining connections between her musical performance and how people feel. He was speaking about limbic resonance. How Does limbic resonance work?

“The limbic system is a part of the brain that drives our emotions. When we’re around other people–especially crowds–the limbic system releases neurochemicals that connect us at an emotional level. The capacity for empathy and non-verbal communication is called limbic resonance aka ‘emotional contagion.’”

While another echoed: “Everyone is entitled to their opinion. All the jealous haters of Elon need to just go back to swiftly land. Elon is more intelligent than just about anyone else and therefore most don’t understand his comments. I don’t understand how someone can be willing to pay so much money to watch someone stand up and sings songs when you can listen to them for free, or for the cheap price of a cd, or music subscription. However, I’m not going on a rant criticizing people for making that choice. People are entitled to their own opinions without haters coming against them.

But not everyone was impressed, “Let’s not kid ourselves. It’s a weakly veiled reference to her limbs. I imagine this is how the “dirty old rich man” term originated! And I can’t help but wonder if he used a similar language in describing Amber Heard,” another said. 

What do you think of his comments?

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