Gaten Matarazzo, the star of Stranger Things, is concerned about not getting work when the series ends.

The 4th season of Stranger Things had everyone shook, and the internet became obsessed with each and every one of the cast members individually.

“The Duffers and I want to share season 4 with the world as badly as the world wants it,” Levy told The Hollywood Reporter last year.

“Season 4 was built to be by far the most ambitious, cinematic, sprawling, and epic season that we’ve ever done.

“By not just a little — by a lot. So the complexity of Season 4, even before we had the obstacles, hurdles, and challenges of a pandemic, is taking a lot of time because it is super worth the wait.”

And worth the wait it was.

The cast has evolved exponentially since the start of the 1st season, which premiered back in 2016. 

When the stars started out in the show, they were all just entering their teens, matching up pretty well with their characters’ ages. But now, they’re aged 17-20, while still playing fourteen-year-olds.

Gaten Matarazzo was just thirteen when the show kicked off in 2016, he plays everyone’s favorite, Dustin Henderson in the show.

And the star has recently spoken out about his worries following the series coming to an end. 

After a decade working in television, the actor admitted during an appearance on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon that he was afraid to “go back to freelancing.”

“It’s interesting to constantly just be reminded how much people have resonated with it,” he told the talk show host, as Matarazzo reflected on his role.

He continued, adding: “I mean, it’s something that’s so important to all of us and has just been essential to the growth that I’ve had over all of my teenage years into my 20s.

“It’s the defining aspect of the past 10 years of my life, practically the past decade.”

He later told the audience: “There’s like a deep fear. Not only has it been amazing, but it’s been pretty great job security for a while. Back to freelance.”

After hearing what he had to say, many fans spoke out about his comments, with one writing: “It’s already too late. Some of the newbies – notably Mike, Max, and Eleven were quick to find other success outside of Stranger Things. The longer the wait, the less likely he breaks from ‘Dustin.’”

While another said: “If he can act and do more than just the one personality he will be fine but if he’s one dimensional and only got the part because of how well he fit that character, well then he’s probably correct especially now that he told everyone.”

“I think his fear is valid. It’s not like he’s leading man material. They cast him as the love interest in Honor Society and it was super awkward to watch. He’s more the goofy best friend character in my eyes,” a third said. 

We don’t think he’ll have any problem getting work!

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