News Presenter Removed After Quoting Snoop Dogg While Live On Air 

A news presenter from Mississippi was recently hauled off-air after she was heard quoting Snoop Dogg lyrics on live TV. 

Barbie Bassett worked as a news anchor for NBC affiliate WLBT, but her on-air mistake on March 8 resulted in her departure from the position.

After the incident, Bassett, who also owns a dermatology clinic and works as a meteorologist, was taken off the news station’s website, according to The Clarion Ledger.

Over the weekend, Ted Fortenberry, who serves as the regional vice president and general manager of the station, shared an email statement about the ordeal, in which he stated: “As I am sure you can understand, WLBT is unable to comment on personnel matters.”

This all happened during a discussion about the latest addition to Snoop Dogg’s wine line, Cali, when Bassett made a mistake that cost her her job. 

One of her fellow journalists says that someone in the newsroom would get a Snoop Dogg tattoo, to which Bassett responded by saying, “Fo shizzle my Nizzle.”

The term “Nizzle” is frequently used by Snoop as a slang substitute for the N-word, a fact that Bassett has previously acknowledged before. It’s also worth noting that this is not the first time that Bassett has faced criticism for her statements.

Just last year she was made to apologise after she made reference to a Black reporter’s “grandmammy.”

“Though not intentional, I now understand how my comment was both insensitive and hurtful. I have apologised to Carmen Poe,” Bassett said, via WLBT at the time. “Now, I would like to apologise to you. That is not the heart of who I am. And for that, I humbly ask for your forgiveness and I apologise to everyone I have offended.”

Bassett added: “I will learn from this and participate in training so I can better understand our history and our people. I can’t mend the hurt my comment caused. I pray you’ll forgive me and that you’ll extend grace through this awful mistake.”

However, Bassett’s most recent mistake has made headlines, and as a result dozens of people are sharing their comments on whether they think she should have been fired over her remarks…

Charlamagne tha God, a famed radio host, opened up on The Breakfast Club, stating: “I don’t think she should have been fired for that. She might not even know what ‘nizzle’ means, yo. Come on, like stop. That’s not a reason to fire that woman.”

However, one Twitter user commented: “I’m cringing just as much because she used slang that hasn’t been in circulation since the Bush administration.”

“V interesting reading the comments. As a white Kiwi I had no idea what it meant. But as a front line tv presenter, she needs to prepare, and part of that is ensuring anything she says is referenced and appropriate. Ya dont just blurt something out on live tv like that [sic],” a third noted.

Another commenter wrote: “Welp, I just read the story. She’s been reprimanded in the past for saying something racist on air and had to apologise in 2022. The network was finally over it.”

What do you make of it all?

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