Mr Beast Is Being Called Out For Tipping His Waitress A Whole New Car

After making one of the most viewed YouTube videos ever, MrBeast has stumbled into controversy.

He has “tipped” a waitress with a brand new car – but not everyone is happy about it.

Now, YouTuber MrBeast went viral earlier this year for a truly charitable act – a video curing people’s blindness!

Fans also realized how much the fact of generosity costs, and it blew peoples’ minds even more.

The infamous YouTube video showed him curing 1,000 people of their blindness. But this hasn’t been Beast’s only achievement…

He had already been named the richest YouTube creator by Forbes. And he’s also recently become the most subscribed YouTube channel, beating out Pewdiepie.

MrBeast’s real name is Jimmy Donaldson, and he is never one to mince his words, especially when it comes to money.

It’s clear MrBeast is enjoying the spoils of YouTube content creation. He recently revealed a shocking income source to the world. He has been paid $250,000 in the past for personalized videos for billionaire’s kids. 

Now that’s got to be the easiest money ever, right?

According to Forbes, the twenty-four-year-old earned USD $54 million in 2021, with his net worth currently being USD $25 million.

Beast then hit another huge milestone, he is officially the most subscribed YouTuber ever.

He has overtaken the previous titleholder, PewDiePie, and has 111 million subscribers and counting!

But this week has found MrBeast in a spot of bother. In a viral TikTok, he “tipped” a waitress a brand new car.

But the generous act has everyone saying the same thing…

It seems people aren’t impressed with his offer, one wrote: “MrBeast you can do better than that. Why wrap it like that? I’ve seen you give away plenty non branded stuff.”

Another agreed: “Love MrBeast but he gave her a car with an ad on it ahahaha.”

“If someone told me I was gonna get a free car and then it was revealed the car in question is a massive mr beast ad on wheels I think I would k*ll myself,” a third said.

Because the gifted car was emblazoned with an ad for MrBeast’s brand.

However, dozens have shared their support for the content creator, with one writing: “Man they only be complaining and mad cause they don’t get the chance to win anything…if he walked up to them with a case of cash their attitude would change real fast…I swear people are so selfish.”

While a second said: “They b**ched when he restored people’s vision. There’s literally nothing he can do that they won’t gripe about.”

Another replied: “My understanding is that despite making millions, he only keeps a small portion to live on and puts the rest back out into the community.And I don’t think he wants the outrage, but he’s definitely smart enough to leverage it.

“I know in one of his YouTube videos he said he spent 11 million on that video. Some being sponsored money and some being his own money. He said he barely sees that come back to him. He tries to spend everything he makes on the next video.”

Where do you stand on his kind gesture, did the branding on the car ruin it?

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