Carol Vorderman Says Her Relationship With ‘5 Special Friends’ Is Going Well

Carol Voderman has revealed that her relationship with her 5 ‘special friends’ is going very well.

The former host of Countdown has been pretty open about her polygamous lifestyle, and has said that it is working well for her.

She told You magazine, per LADBible: “Oh yeah, yeah, my ‘special friends’. I’m continuing with that system and it’s working very well.”

The sixty-two-year-old revealed that it’s working so well, in fact, that one of these ‘special friends’ has been in her life for eleven years now, and another for 7 years.

She shared:”I’m not a jealous person and I’m happy when my friends are happy, whether they are ‘special friends’ or not.

“The goal of my life is to be happy, not to be in love. I just find people interesting and life interesting.

“And you can get to a stage where you choose which bits you enjoy. You can’t in your thirties because you’re making your way in your career, you’re beholden to bosses and all those sorts of things. But in your sixties…”

The star first opened up about this lifestyle choice on This Morning in October of last year.

Following her revelation, she penned an Instagram post which read: “I wanted to break one of the last taboos where women of my generation and others have been told that we need to marry and then live ‘happily ever after’.

“The facts speak differently. Half of first marriages end in divorce. Around 2/3rds of second marriages end in divorce. They all begin with hope and then sadly end.

“There is another way for this modern world where the majority of women work.

“Life is one of chapters in my humble opinion.For those who have found traditional monogamous love and it’s lasted for decades then I can only offer you honest congratulations.”

She continued: “However, there are different kinds of love and relationships. I have never felt freer since I’ve said I don’t want to marry again and am happier with a small number of special friends, all of whom I’ve known for a long time.

“There are different kinds of relationships and a less pressurised one is one which suits many of us. It’s just that society has said we can’t talk about it. Well stuff that.”

Fans took to the comments to respond to her candid statement.

“Looked great but more importantly you speak with intelligence and likability, politicians take note,” one person said.

Another wrote: “Freedom IS great isn’t it? No pressure is too. Good for you and your “special” friends.”

A third said: “Good for you. You are absolutely correct.”

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