Footage Resurfaces Of Celebrities’ Reaction To Heath Ledger’s Posthumous Oscar Win

A video has resurfaced of celebrities’ reactions to Heath Ledger’s posthumous Oscar win for The Dark Knight.

Heath Ledger is considered a legend in the world of acting. Though his career was shortlived, he managed to make an impact on the industry with his work.

Born on April 4th in Perth, Australia, Heath Ledger was known for his short career in the world of film.

His journey started In high school. Ledger found himself stuck between having to choose culinary arts or drama. The image of him being stuck in a kitchen baking all day was enough to turn him away from cooking class, so he opted for drama.

And it turns out Ledger had a fire within him, so at the young age of seventeen, he packed all of his stuff and with a friend, travelled all the way down to Sydney, the land of dreams.

With barely a penny in his pocket, he worked hard to secure a spot in the industry and in 1997, he finally got a little one.

His first film, Blackrock was a very cliche, It’s an angsty film about a boy’s struggle to cope with the fact that his best friend r**ed a girl. ledger’s part in the film was tiny and barely held any significance, but it ignited a hunger for more.

His second notable performance was for a show called Sweat, where he was offered one of two roles, a swimmer or a gay cyclist and being the open person that he was, he wanted to try a character out of his comfort zone.

Because of the “unique” nature of the role compared to the others, he started gaining more and more recognition.

But his breakout role has to be when he starred in the romantic drama Brokeback Mountain.

His role as a gay cowboy took him back to his humble beginnings in Sweat. The chick-flick gave him the opportunity to join forces with another young and upcoming actor we now know as the legend, Jake Gyllenhaal.

Other than the critical accolades he acquired during the promotion of Brokeback Mountain, he also met Michelle Williams on the set and the two of them embarked on a 3-year journey together which resulted in a daughter, Matilda.

But one of his most notable characters has to be the Joker.

It was during the filming of this movie back in 2008, that Ledger allegedly accidentally overdosed on prescription drugs including pain-killers, sleeping pills, and anti-anxiety medication.

Even though his untimely death left a hole in the industry, The Dark Knight was a hit with audiences.

Some even consider him to have given us the greatest portrayal of the psychotic character ever. So much so that the late star was awarded an Oscar for the Best Supporting Actor.

And now, footage of the win has resurfaced online, showing fellow celebrities’ reactions to the announcement. 

As the award was posthumous, his father Kim Ledger, mother Sally Bell and older sister Kate Ledger accepted the award on his behalf. 

As the video of the awards ceremony showed some of the biggest names in the film industry overtaken with sorrow, the remarks from Ledger’s family members were given to an audience on the point of tears.

It was terrible to see prominent actors like Brad Pitt, Anne Hathaway, Ben Kingsley, and Kate Winslet respond to a well-deserved honour Ledger was never able to accept.

Kate spoke out about her brother, saying: “He loved working with Chris Nolan and Christian Bale and Gary Oldman.

“When he came home at Christmas, he couldn’t wait to tell us all about it, and he was doing the voice and laughing, showing me all the rushes. We had a great time.”

His memory will live on through all the incredible performances he gave.

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