Ryan Reynolds’ New Home Village In The UK Only Has 2 Pubs And A Co-op

Ryan Reynolds has recently purchased a new home in the UK for £1.5 million.

However, it turns out the location is pretty much as far from Hollywood as you can get, as it turns out the village in question only has 2 pubs and a Co-op!

Now, as fans will already be aware, Reynolds is undoubtedly one of Hollywood’s best-loved actors. Since his career kicked off after his breakthrough role as medical student Michael “Berg” Bergen in the sitcom Two Guys and a Girl, Reynolds has had success after success.

Although his acting career started years before, he’s probably best known for his role as Marvel superhero, Deadpool. In fact, he even directed the second Deadpool movie.

But let’s not forget his other acting successes such as The Proposal, Buried, and The Croods: A New Age. And most recently, Free Guy.

But Reynolds is a man of many talents, he isn’t just known for his excellent acting, he is also known for his excellent humour.

Reynolds has one of the most beloved social media presences in the celebosphere.

His Twitter is loaded with golden moments, often making fun of being a husband and a father.

Reynolds often takes to Twitter and Instagram to poke fun at married life and fatherhood.

Around the time of his wife’s, Blake Lively, birthday, he often comes up with ingenious ways to share a sarcastic tribute to Lively — like his iconic poorly-cropped photo.

It’s clear to see why Reynolds has become so well-loved over the years, and why he has gained so many adoring fans.

But what you might not know about the star is he has a handful of other ventures he’s taken on in recent years. One is that he bought Wrexham AFC back in 2020, which is Wales’ oldest football club and the third oldest professional club in the world, along with his friend and fellow actor Rob McElhenney.

As a result of this move, Reynolds has naturally had to find a place to call home on this side of the pond.

Per LADBible, the star of The Proposal is reported to have settled in the village of Marford, which is about 5 miles away from Wrexham FC’s ground The Racecourse.

The village has a population of 2,500, but thankfully it does have 2 boozers and a Co-op supermarket to keep its residents occupied. The pubs in question, the Red Lion and the Trevor Arms, are now sure to become a celeb spotting hot spot with the arrival of Reynolds to town!

One resident told the Daily Mail: “It’s fantastic news that he’s chosen Marford as a place to live.

“What he and Rob [McElhenney] have put into Wrexham, both the football club and the local community, has been incredible.

“They’ve been a force for good over these last two years. I think they both have a genuine fondness for the club and the area and it’s certainly reciprocated. Ryan is a bit like his character in Deadpool, very deadpan.

“I like that. He doesn’t take himself very seriously and he’s been criticised for taking on Wrexham by other rival supporters but he never snaps or gets heated. He deals with it all with humour – and that’s the best way.”

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