People Shocked After Learning How Much Food And Drink Is At Coachella 

A TikTok video that complained about Coachella’s exorbitant food and drink prices has gone viral.

The renowned music festival began over the weekend (April 14), and it’s not just the performances that are generating ripples online.

The extremely high prices of the numerous food and drink items provided during Coachella are drawing criticism. 

The festival has one of the most impressive music lineups available right now.

It’s understandable that tickets for the event’s inaugural weekend were completely sold out, with performers ranging from Charli XCX and Gorillaz to Rosalia and Bad Bunny.

The price of weekend two general admission tickets on the Coachella website is now shocking at $549, while VIP tickets cost a fortune at $1,069.

Additionally, the exorbitant price tags on food and drink are also trending on social media, proving that the excessive pricing don’t just apply to entrance.

One concertgoer Jackie Tanti used TikTok to demonstrate how much value she received from the festival’s opening weekend.

She shared with her 17.8k followers a snapshot of the four items she brought for her festival picnic.

Tanti told her followers: “Just so you all know, these two coffees and two burritos cost us $64. Capitalism really popped off today.”

That is roughly comparable to £51.00!

She captioned the video: “The s***iest part of Coachella.”

With almost 2.7 million views of the clip in only one day after it was posted, it’s safe to conclude that consumers were unimpressed with the price breakdown.

And a lot of people have commented on the shocking price, with one writing: “That ‘burrito’ is 50% tortilla.”

While a second commented: “Omg what!? Thats like a $16 coffee! It better have been the best coffee of your LIFE!!”

“I think I’d be in debt for the rest of my life if I went to Coachella for a weekend,” a third added. 


the shittiest part of coachella 🙃😵‍💫

♬ original sound – jackie tanti

Another said: “I meeeeean burrito about 10 bucks(depends) in general large coffee about 7ish idk don’t drink coffee that’s about 40ish bucks after taxes I mean that don’t sound like a huge ripoff. Lol.”

An outraged social media user shared: “Coachella is a place for rich snobs to pretend that they’re at Woodstock. Dressing up in Louis Vuitton and holding a Coach purse while tripping on acid. The sad part is that their materialism isn’t even brought into question while taking psychedelics. Even drugs designed to make you more introspective and insightful don’t work.”

Jackie’s experiences were obviously not an anomaly, as the festival has already developed a reputation for selling expensive goods.

When it comes to spending money during the festival, participants should think about setting aside money for food and drink.

A fried chicken sandwich will normally cost you roughly $17, a grilled cheese will cost you $16, and sides like onion rings or crinkle-cut fries can cost anywhere between $12 and $14, according to the Groove Cartel.

And it’s the same when it comes to drinks, as an oat milk latte can cost as much as $15 per cup, while a Redbull and a vodka will set you back $20.

What do you make of it?

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