Embarrassing Moment Another Celeb Wears Same Dress As Olivia Wilde At Met Gala

There’s one awkward moment at this year’s Met Gala that everyone’s been talking about, and it’s when one celebrity turned up in the same dress as Olivia Wilde.

And social media users have pointed out something pretty strange about the coincidence.

The largest night of the year in the fashion industry was held at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City on Monday. Karl Lagerfeld: A Line of Beauty was the topic, honouring one of the most illustrious careers in modern fashion. During the event, there were many examples of Lagerfeld’s legacy.

The exclusive list of attendees paid homage to Lagerfeld using his huge design archive as inspiration.

Sadly, the eminent designer passed away in 2019 at the age of 85. He was one of the most celebrated and well-known fashion designers of all time, and he served as creative director for three of the biggest fashion businesses in the world—Fendi, Chanel, and his own name-brand label—until his passing.

On the red carpet at the event, hundreds of his closest friends and coworkers wore outfits that were inspired by some of his most famous designs to honour his life’s work.

Andrew Bolton, the Met’s curator told WWD before the event: “At its heart the exhibition will look at the evolution of Karl’s two-dimensional drawings into three-dimensional garments. 

“We could not do a traditional retrospective. For one thing, I think Karl would have hated that.”

He added: “Even though one of his facets was that he was a historicist, and he would revisit themes in his work, he was always looking to the future in his own work — he hated looking back at the past. It was something he had a very conflicted relationship with.”

Vogue editor-in-chief Dame Anna Wintour also spoke out, saying: “It’s a very emotional night for me. I love Karl so much and it’s just wonderful to see so many people who are turning out to honour him, and give him the recognition that he so deserves.

“Karl was just was so creative, so visionary… (he) invented so many things and at the same time I think was intrinsically the chicest designer that you can ever imagine.”

We have included all the information you require regarding the Met Gala for 2023 below. Here are all the specifics on the biggest night in fashion, including the theme and hosts…

The event, which is frequently referred to as the “Oscars of fashion,” attracts the largest A-list stars, who will dress in accordance with a predetermined theme, typically donning custom designs by the most influential fashion designers in the world. 

In previous years, attendees have dressed in keeping with themes like “punk,” “camp,” and “heavenly bodies,” and there have even been occasions dedicated to honouring certain designers like Alexander McQueen and Rei Kawakubo.

Through the sale of tickets, which are purchased by designers and brands, the ball frequently generates millions of dollars for the Costume Institute at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, which hosts an annual accompanying exhibition. Each ticket is about $35,000, and if you want a table, then you’ll have to be prepared to dish out a whopping $200,000 to $300,000 for the privilege. 

Although some Met Gala themes can be challenging to interpret, and can see both subtle and daring takes on the idea, this event was all about celebrating Karl Lagerfeld, so there were only two obvious ways to do this: wear one of his designs, or have something made that reflects the artist’s life. 

Several guests made the decision to honour the designer by digging through the archives and donning one of his own designs. Gisele Bundchen, Nicole Kidman, Naomi Campbell, Dua Lipa, and others wore vintage Chanel, while Vanessa Kirby wore a vintage Chloé gown.

However, there were also a few very clear nods to Choupette, Lagerfeld’s cherished cat.

The actor and musician, Jared Leto took the theme to the next level. The 51-year-old walked the steps of the Metropolitan Museum of Art dressed as the late designer’s cat.

The Instagram account for Choupette shared: “A million thanks to all of you my fans, animal lovers & Daddy’s admirers. You have all shown the kindest enthusiasm and unconditional support, I say MERCI ! Many people invited me to walk the red carpet of the #METGALA2023 in tribute to Daddy, but we preferred to stay peacefully & cosy at home. We pay tribute to my Daddy every day since his parting and we are very moved to see one more day dedicated to him.”

Now, you might think someone dressed in a giant cat costume might be the most talked about ensemble of the night, but you’d be wrong.

Olivia Wilde chose a glittering floor-length Chloé gown with a high neck that highlighted her trim waist.

The actual dress, which has been referred to as “the violin dress,” is a legendary 1983 creation by Karl Lagerfeld, to whom this year’s event is paying tribute.

And awkwardly, the same dress was worn by Margaret Zhang, a film director and editor-in-chief of Vogue China.

Zhang showed up wearing a remarkably similar gown, with the colour being the only real difference. 

And dozens of social media users have commented. Fans soon compared this fashion faux pas to the 2015 ‘What colour dress is this’ meme that went viral on social media.

One Twitter user wrote: “An odd coincidence at the Met Gala.

“1. Two people turned up wearing the same outfit. 2. They chose the two exact variants of ‘the dress’ colours, 2015’s biggest viral internet fashion phenomenon.”

Another said: “I cannot believe that two people wore the ugliest dress.”

“Margaret Zhang and Olivia Wilde absolutely slayed the red carpet! Their stylish looks are totally on point,” a third wrote.

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