Hasbulla Breaks Silence Following His Arrest

Hasbulla Magomedov has broken his silence after reportedly being arrested in Russia.

Hasbulla is known for being somewhat of a legend of the internet, ever since he first rose to fame on TikTok. He gained further fame when he became involved with UFC, and signed a 5 year deal with the MMA company back in September last year.

However, his fame does not seem to have protected him from the law, as it has been reported that the star has been arrested in his native Dagestan, located in Russia’s North Caucasus.

The Ministry of Internal Affairs, MVD Dagestan, shared a video of the twenty-year-old sat in the passenger seat of a white vehicle. The clip shows this car, along with 2 others, blocking the street and doing doughnuts on the main road.

One of the cars in question features a huge scratch down the side, before the video switches to a shot of Hasbulla and other men standing in a line-up.

The Sun reports that the group was taken into custody for administrative violations.

Hasbulla broke his silence following the arrest, taking to his Instagram to address his followers.

“We decided to hype a little bit,” he said.

“That won’t happen again, people we apologise. We had to answer for it a little bit. I wasn’t driving either.”

Dagestan’s Ministry of Internal Affairs shared the clip on their Telegram, accompanied by this statement: “Unbridled wedding fun in Dagestan is known to many and far beyond the borders of the republic.

“In the absence of other ways of entertainment, such a primitive option is still extremely popular – blocking roads for other road users, burning rubber, smashing cars against each other and many other features that, in fact, have nothing to do with the celebration.

“All participants of ‘wedding emotions’, as they themselves call it, were taken to the police, and in relation to them, employees of the State Traffic Inspectorate of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Dagestan drew up administrative protocols for all violations.”

The star is known for his love of all things luxury since he rose to fame. From his social media presence, it can be seen that the star loves his cars and has even flown on private jets.

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