Jennifer Lopez Reveals She Was Afraid Leonardo DiCaprio Would Be Angry After Revealing His ‘Flirty’ Message

Jennifer Lopez has revealed the ‘flirty’ messages that she received from Leonardo DiCaprio, even though she said she’s afraid it would make him mad!

The ‘On the Floor’ singer revealed the deets during an appearance on James Cordon’s Carpool Karaoke back in 2016.

Now, Leo DiCaprio is is known for being one of Hollywood’s biggest and best actors. Having starred in everything from Titanic to The Wolf of Wall Street, it’s safe to say that his career is certainly prolific.

The star first broke into the industry in 1991 with his role in the TV sitcom Growing Pains, and from there his career blossomed. By 1993, DiCaprio bagged himself a role in What’s Eating Gilbert Grape, which even landed him an Oscar nomination!

His history with the Oscars is a story that fans pined over for decades, as the forty-eight-year-old was nominated a whopping 4 times for Best Actor before he took the prestigious award home with him.

Aside from What’s Eating Gilbert Grape, he was also nominated for his performance in The Aviator in 2005, Blood Diamond in 2006 and The Wolf Of Wall Street in 2013. However, after all that, he did finally come out victorious in 2016 thanks to his legendary performance in The Revenant.

Following on from this, he was even nominated once more for his performance in Once Upon a Time in… Hollywood in 2020.

However, it’s not just his acting that has made DiCaprio one of the most notorious actors in the industry, but also his dating history…

The Romeo + Juliet star is one of the most iconic heartthrobs in recent history, with his dating history including big names such as Brazilian supermodel Gisele Bundchen, Israeli model Bar Refaeli and even former Gossip Girl star Blake Lively.

But it seems that DiCaprio’s romantic ways spread even further than his direct dating history, as a resurfaced interview between J Lo and James Cordon has emphasised.

During the pair’s Carpool Karaoke session, the British presenter managed to convince J Lo to give up her phone and allow him to send out a prank text.

It read: “Hey baby, I’m kinda feeling like I need to cut loose. Any suggestions? Let me know, J Lo. You know, from the block.”

What’s even more hilarious is DiCaprio’s response: “You mean tonight, boo-boo? Club-wise?”

A year after this, Lopez and Cordon reunited to discuss the aftermath of their activities.

When asked ‘how mad’ he got, Lopez responded: “He wasn’t mad at all! You know, I was afraid he would be mad when it all came out – he was so cool about it.”

The ‘Ain’t Your Mama’ singer added that she found it the ‘most embarrassing twenty minutes’ while she waited for him to reply, adding that she was surprised that ‘he actually thought that was me texting him.’

“He answered back like it was totally normally that you would speak that way to him,” she shared.

“Did you know he calls you boo-boo?” Cordon asked.

“I guess he calls every girl boo-boo,” she joked in response.

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