Tom Hanks has been the face of Hollywood for decades. His impressive acting career has seen him star in some of the biggest films of all time, from romantic comedies to science fiction epics. He’s won countless awards and earned global fame for his performances, cementing his place as one of the most iconic actors in history.

Despite having dozens of popular films in his repertoire, there’s one movie that fans think he definitely deserves an Oscar for, despite having missed out on the honour.

The flick in question has even just come onto Netflix…

Hanks has appeared in some of our favorite movies over the years. He rocketed to stardom through his roles in various successful romantic comedies, like Splash (1984), The Money Pit (1986), Big (1988), and A League of Their Own (1992). His performances were highly acclaimed by the media.

He made history by winning Best Actor at the Academy Awards consecutively for his roles in Philadelphia (1993) and Forrest Gump (1994). His portrayal of a gay lawyer fighting AIDS in Philadelphia and the iconic title character of Forrest Gump are considered some of his best performances. 

However, since then Hanks has failed to win any more Oscars, although this is not for a lack of nominations. The star was nominated first in 1989 for Big, then following on from his consecutive wins in the early nineties, Hanks was next nominated for Saving Private Ryan in 1999. He was further nominated in 2001 for Cast Away, and once more in 2020 for A Beautiful Day in the Neighbourhood.

There is one role, though, that fans think it’s criminal he lost out.

A Man Called Otto came out back in 2022, and is based on a Swedish novel titled A Man Called Ove.

It sees Hanks play a man who appears to have given up on life following the death of his wife, but his world turns on its head when he meets Marisol, and an unlikely friendship blooms between the pair.

Seeing as the film has just come onto Netflix, it is seeing somewhat of a resurgence, and fans are outraged at the fact Hanks wasn’t recognised for his performance in the flick by the Academy.

“Not much of a Tom Hanks fan but I loved A Man Called Otto on Netflix. Probably because I could relate to his character, a grouchy, bitter old man with a (too) big of a heart. His son played him as a young man. A well-told nice story and an Oscar worthy performance by Hanks,” one person wrote.

“Whoever decided not to nominate or give any Oscars to a man called Otto is a villain,” another said.

A third commented: “Make sure y’all check out Tom Hanks in A Man Called Otto. It’s one of the best movies I’ve ever seen. Y’all, I’m sitting here crying like a big baby!”

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