Seth MacFarlane Quits Family Guy Amid Writers’ Strike

Seth MacFarlane has quit Family Guy amid the ongoing writer’s strike.

The forty-nine-year-old has left both Family Guy and American Dad the alongside his showrunners Brian Boyle, Matt Weitzman, Rich Appel and Alec Sulkin.

Now, Family Guy had been running for years, and it’s safe to say that the show is jam-packed with jokes.

The series was released in 1999, and Seth MacFarlane wrote, animated, produced, and provided voice acting for it.

The series told the story of the Griffin family, which included bumbling patriarch Peter, his upper-class wife Lois, his daughter Meg, and his 2 sons Chris and baby Stewie, as well as their talking dog, Brian.

The show was full of pop-culture references, celebrity voices, and funny jokes.

It became such a hit that MacFarlane won an Emmy Award in 2000 for his voice-over performance as baby Stewie.

Sadly, the show came to an end in 2003, only to be brought back 2 years later after record DVD sales and a successful run on Cartoon Network, which prompted Fox to order new episodes.

Family Guy has been marked as offensive to some viewers because of its adult content. Many jokes in the show have caused uproar on social media, with some finding them too much. 

Voice actor Patrick Warburton, who plays the wheelchair-bound police officer Joe Swanson, had enough of apologising for the animated comedy…

“I used to apologise for being on Family Guy, and I apologise no more because this world is a horrible native satire,” Warburton told Fox News.

“Everybody takes themselves too seriously, and… I think in many ways become an overwhelming mess.

“But we need humour in our lives, and we need love and humour, acceptance. It’s all rather simple.”

However, it looks like bad news for fans of the show, as Seth MacFarlane and all of his showrunners have quit the show until the Writers Guild of America reaches a new deal with studios.

Per Deadline, the 5 men have made it clear to 20th Television that they plan to halt all operations until the studio reaches a deal with the WGA.

The news comes after MacFarlane was spotted on the picket lines since talks broke down back on May 2. The creator of Family Guy has been a vocal advocate of the WGA, having walked out back when they last walked out during the last strike in 2007-2008.

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