Jennifer Lopez’s new Netflix movie The Mother has been out for just over a week, and the reviews are finally in.

However, the milestone the movie has reached on Rotten Tomatoes is not one you would necessarily be proud of.

The movie stars Lopez as an assassin who comes out of hiding in order to protect a daughter she left earlier in her life.

Audiences have given the film a positive reception, with The Mother achieving a score of 71% on Rotten Tomatoes.

One person wrote: “This is a very good movie. Lots of action. Jenifer Lopez does a good job portraying the main character, believable which is important if the storyline is going to sell, and Omari Hardwick is a great choice in the supporting role because he brings all his fans along as well!! See it for yourself before you write it off as predictable.”

While another said: “Just when you thought Jennifer Lopez couldn’t get any more badass! Jennifer Lopez delivers a powerful performance! The Mother is a well-made and entertaining action film.

“Jennifer is excellent in the lead role, and she brings a lot of depth and emotion to the character. The supporting cast is also strong, and the film features some impressive action sequences.”

Despite it being pretty cool to see J-Lo get to play such a hardcore role, unfortunately critics did not agree, leading to a score of just 44% from critics, leaving the movie with a ‘certified rotten’ rating rather the positive ‘certified fresh’ score.

This milestone is sure to come as unwanted news to those behind The Mother. However, fans of the movie have come out to Twitter in droves to defend the new flick.

Reviewers felt that while Lopez was undeniably a standout of the movie, it fell too hard into cliches of the genre to make it a worthwhile watch.

“Jennifer Lopez has immense talent – she is one of the few celebrities that can garner an audience with her name alone. With her skillset, delving into action should be an easy homerun, but she deserves material that’s as good as she is,” Allen Almacher of The MacGuffin wrote.

Brian Lowry of CNN wrote: “A movie whose abundant action is either enhanced or undermined, take your pick, by its unintentional giggles. The kill count generally provides the requisite thrills, but everything else seems stitched together from genre clichés.”

Despite the disparity in what reviewers and audiences have to say, it is clear that anticipation for this movie was high. In its first week, The Mother was seen by 2.8 million viewers, surpassing that of Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery and Murder Mystery 2, which respectively achieved viewers

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