Macaulay Culkin Removed His Parents’ Names From Trust Fund After Retiring With $50 Million As Child Star

Macaulay Culkin removed his parents’ names from a trust fund that contained the millions of dollars he’d earned as a child actor.

As a child star, Culkin amassed a tonne of high-profile appearances and was one of the biggest stars of the 1990s.

Before acting in a slew of other family pictures like My Girl, The Good Son, The Nutcracker, Getting Even with Dad, The Pagemaster, and – of course – Ritchie Rich, he made his name with two huge performances in the first two Home Alone films.

As you can probably guess, by the time he had finished with those hit films, he had already reached a level of wealth that most adults would dream of before he reached adulthood.

After that run, he made the decision to take a hiatus from acting in 1994, and considering how much money he had behind him, he was absolutely able to do so.

However, the earnings he had made were put into a trust fund that eventually gave rise to some controversy.

When Culkin was a teenager, his parents Kit Culkin and Patricia Brentrup divorced. This sparked a contentious custody dispute over their seven children as well as a dispute over Macaulay’s estimated income of $15 to $20 million.

Additionally, Culkin has claimed that he and his siblings did not want to live with their father, whom he has claimed was abusive to him both “physically and mentally.”

He merely intended to move the case along by withdrawing his parents from the trust fund, but instead found himself under fire for ‘divorcing’ them.

Culkin opened up about the issue to Esquire back in 2018, where he said: “It’s always misconstrued, that I ‘emancipated’ myself from my parents.

“I legally took my parents’ names off of my trust fund and found an executor, someone who would look over my finances, just in case anyone wanted to stick their f**king pinkie in the pie.

“But the next thing you know, the story was that I divorced my parents.

“I just thought I was doing it cleanly—taking my father’s name off, taking my mom’s name off, so my opinion is unbiased. And when I did that, the whole thing kinda ended a lot faster.”

Even if everything did turn out okay in the end, Culkin and his father have not spoken since.

Speaking about the alleged abuse he suffered at the hands of his father, he said: “Look, I mean, it sucks. But: It coulda been worse, you know?

“I wasn’t working in a coal mine. I wasn’t a child soldier. My father was not s*xually abusing me.

“Certain f**ked up things happened, but f**ked up things happen to kids all the time and they don’t come out the other end.

“I’ve got something to show for it, man. I mean, look at me: I got money, I got fame, I got a beautiful girlfriend and a beautiful house and beautiful animals.

“It took me a long time to get to that place, and I had to have that conversation with myself and go, like, Honestly, Mack? It’s not so bad.

“I want for nothing and need for even less. I’m good, man.”

What do you make of his comments?

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