Tom Hanks In Heated Altercation At Cannes

Tom Hanks has become the talk of the internet after he was spotted during a heated altercation on the Cannes red carpet.

The star appeared to be talking rather sternly to one of the red carpet staffers, alongside his wife Rita Wilson.

Now, Hanks has been the face of Hollywood for decades. His impressive acting career has seen him star in some of the biggest films of all time, from romantic comedies to science fiction epics. He’s won countless awards and earned global fame for his performances, cementing his place as one of the most iconic actors in history.

The sixty-six-year-old has appeared in some of our favorite movies over the years. He rocketed to stardom through his roles in various successful romantic comedies, like Splash (1984), The Money Pit (1986), Big (1988), and A League of Their Own (1992). His performances were highly acclaimed by the media.

He made history by winning Best Actor at the Academy Awards consecutively for his roles in Philadelphia (1993) and Forrest Gump (1994). His portrayal of a gay lawyer fighting AIDS in Philadelphia and the iconic title character of Forrest Gump are considered some of his best performances. 

However, his status as one of Hollywood’s most beloved actors doesn’t protect him from angry outbreaks – he’s only human after all!

The star found himself in some hot water after photos emerged of him looking rather angry on the Cannes Film Festival red carpet for the premiere of his new movie, Asteroid City.

A variety of snaps showed Hanks looking fierce, with his finger pointing directly in the staffer’s face.

Social media users have responded to the pictures in speculation as to what occured.

One person said: “Imagine being the guy who was yelled at by Tom Hanks. I would cry.”

Another commented: “Not the first time he has lost his cool. Remember the paparazzi who almost tripped his wife. Hanks went ballistic. She actually got her high heals stuck, not the paparazzi’s fault. Just saying.”

A third wrote: “What is his problem! He’s gotten grumpy in his older years.”

While another refuted claims that there was a drama, writing: “I doubt that very much. Tom Hanks is the essence of cool. He was probably pretending. I can’t imagine his being angry with anyone.”

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