Taylor Swift Fans Are Wearing Adult Diapers So They Don’t Miss Any Of Her Three-Hour Show

Taylor Swift fans are taking their dedication to the next level during her highly anticipated Eras Tour.

The tour showcases Taylor Swift’s remarkable evolution from a young country artist to a global pop sensation.

Spanning her entire career, the concert features songs from all 10 of her albums and lasts for over three hours. For those who may not be as familiar with certain albums, it’s an opportunity to take a quick break and visit the restroom or grab a drink at the bar.

However, for the diehard fans who know every lyric and backstory of virtually every song, there’s little chance for a break.

Even if they manage to dash to the bathroom between songs, they risk missing out on those sweet and unique moments when Taylor addresses the crowd, creating memories that could be lost forever.

But Swifties are resourceful…

They have found a solution to this predicament: adult diapers. Some fans have proudly shared their choice to wear diapers at the marathon concert to avoid missing a single precious moment.

Taking to TikTok, fans have showcased their preparedness and execution of this unique attire.

One fan expressed, “After the stress and effort it took to secure Taylor Swift tickets, I will be wearing an adult diaper because I refuse to miss a single minute of it.”

Another fan struggled to fit a diaper underneath her glamorous gold dress. A different user shared footage from the concert, revealing, “No one knows I’m wearing a diaper for this.”

Fans have also experienced such overwhelming excitement at seeing their beloved artist live on stage that they’ve encountered temporary amnesia.

Jenna Tocatlian, a 25-year-old Swiftie from New York, recounted her post-concert experience of amnesia to TIME magazine. During the concert she attended, Taylor surprised the audience by performing the song “Better Man.” However, Tocatlian had no recollection of this until a friend showed her a video they had captured. As they prepared to leave the crowded stadium, Tocatlian found herself replaying the song on her phone and quizzing her friends about which songs Taylor had performed. She exclaimed, “Did she really play that? How much of it did she play?”

Others interviewed in the TIME article echoed similar sentiments, feeling as though they had missed out on the concert altogether due to the significant gaps in their memory.

No one can say the Swifties aren’t dedicated…

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