Post Malone Looks Completely Different Without Face Tattoos

When you think of Post Malone, chances are the first thing you think of is his tattoos, or maybe those unkempt locks of his, but his tattoos are definitely the main event when it comes to his signature style.

Post Malone’s facial tattoos have been a topic of conversation since he began gaining popularity, especially his ‘always tired’ tattoo under his eyes.

Speaking out about his tattoos, Malone previously told Tim Westwood that he “tried to do something that’s relatively the same length of letters,” explaining his under-eye tats.

“I guess ‘always’ is more letters than ‘tired,’ but I was tired, so I didn’t realise.”

When asked why he started getting face tattoos, he said: “Anything to piss my mum off.”

Later adding: “It’s not right. I got a face for radio anyways, so why not?”

Although it may seem unusual, tattoos have become a mainstream form of self-expression. They are a reflection of an individual’s personality and style. Post Malone’s tattoos are a representation of him, and they have helped to shape him into the person he is today.

So much so, it seems impossible to envision Post Malone without his distinctive tattoos and unique hairstyle. But, a video produced by a Photoshop expert, Mitchell Wiggs, has given us a glimpse of what he would look like without them. 

The video shows the gradual process of removing Post Malone’s tattoos, smoothing out his hair, and evening out his skin to appear blemish free.

As a result, he appears to be a completely different person – more polished and, dare we say it, ‘normal.’ He looks just like your average everyday guy on the street. It’s hard to believe that this is the same person that we know and love.

The most striking aspect of the video is the change in Post Malone’s complexion. Without his tattoos, his skin is clear and smooth. It highlights just how much of an impact tattoos can have on a person’s appearance. However, it seems unlikely that Post Malone will stop getting tattoos anytime soon. In fact, he recently added another one to his collection during a trip to Japan.

It’s shocking to see how much Post Malone’s tattoos form such a vital part of his identity. While the video of him without tattoos is intriguing, it doesn’t change the fact that his tattoos are an integral part of his brand. As he continues to add to his collection, he will continue to stand out and be admired for it.

Fans have shared their thoughts on the shocking change, with one writing: “Not gonna lie, Pre-Malone actually looks pretty good.”

While a second wrote: “I LAUGHED SO HARD when you photoshopped his pimples! It’s so nice of u for doing that…..”

“He seems much more professional, kind of like his little known brother, Kevin Malone, who is a top accountant one of the biggest paper companies in America,” a third commented. 

“​​WOW!  He looks so much better after he was “cleaned up”.  I’ve always been fascinated how a picture can be touched up making the object/ person or animals look so much better.  Keep it up!” another added.

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