Merlin From First Dates Receives The All Clear Result From Cancer

First Dates star Merlin Griffiths has received the all clear result after being diagnosed with bowel cancer back in September 2021.

The forty-eight-year-old worked as a barman on the dating show, and quickly became a fan favourite.

In his latest health update, Griffiths shared what appeared to be a message from his doctors to his Instagram.

“Hi Merlin, Hope you are well. Your CT scan has just come through,” it read.

“All looks good, there are no signs of any reoccurrence. Hope this is reassuring.”

He captioned the post: “Final Year 1 scan results are in, and it’s ALL CLEAR for now.”

He previously revealed he had a stoma bag fitted as well as undergone radiotherapy treatment during his recovery. 

Earlier this year, he announced via Twitter that after a 5-night stay at hospital, his stoma had been removed, 9 months after he had it fitted. 

He posted a selfie from his hospital bed after the operation, captioning the photo: “Gosh, it’s very odd knowing all my insides are actually inside me again after 9 months of a #stoma. 

“Next step, farting. Then food. #NHS #Cancer #Surgery.”

Later on in another tweet, he said: “My plumbing works then. Cor blimey. This will take some training and getting used to. Thank goodness for Kegels! Essential!!

“Pull up nappy deployed for safety. Need a biscuit. #Stoma #Reversal #Cancer.”

Following his update, fans rushed to the comment section of his post to share their well wishes with the TV personality…

One wrote: “Massive best wishes Merlin on your road to full recovery, I’m sure at times it felt like it was a dead end road. Onwards and upwards now with the knowledge that everyone is supporting you through this illness.”

Another commented: “I’ve looked after soo many patients in the same situation as yourself. It was an honour to see them all the way through their journey from unwell to well. The main thing I’ve learnt is never let the speed bumps you might face set you back. You will get there and you’re amazing.”

“Wishing you a speedy recovery and hope to see you back serving delicious cocktails and making us laugh!” a third said.

Merlin spoke out about the diagnosis last year, telling the Sunday Mirror: “I’m keeping that positive outlook, but I’ve a morbid sense of humour. I tell people, ‘I have colorectal cancer… it’s a real pain in the ar*e!’”

Despite his positive attitude, he did admit that he’s “shed a tear in private,” but added that “you can choose ‘to do’ or ‘not to do’. I chose to lead my life as normal, to stick to the facts about it, and to keep putting one step in front of the other.’”

During his road to recovery, after having his stoma bag fitted last year, Merlin shared with Metro that everyone on the First Dates team has been looking out for him and sending him well wishes while he was in the hospital. 

“They’ve been brilliant. Fred and I chat very regularly, at least once a month we’re on the phone and he constantly texts me as well, to get little updates to see what’s going on. Likewise with Cici and Grant and David and Daniella, they all check in with me as well, which is lovely,” he said.

“It’s nice to know they care. It’s important. It makes me feel much better.”

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