Michael Caine has always been a legend of the big screen, but with his latest move, the ninety-year-old is achieving a career first – over seventy years after he first entered the entertainment industry!

Born in London in 1933, Caine is an icon of British cinema. His breakthrough came way back in the 1960s, when he found starring roles in The Italian Job, Zulu and The Ipcress File. From there, Caine was pretty much unstoppable as he established his own standout image with his distinctive horn-rimmed glasses and thick Cockney accent.

By the 1970s, Caine had established himself as one of the leading actors of his generation, and found himself being nominated for Oscars. In fact, over the course of Caine’s career, he has been nominated for an Academy Award 6 different times, and won twice! Firstly for Hannah and Her Sisters in 1983, and then secondly in 2000 for The Cider House Rules.

Despite such an illustrious career, Caine has still managed to achieve something for the first time in his life, at the grand old age of ninety!

It has been announced that the star’s debut novel will be released in November. Named Deadly Game, the tale revolves around DCI Harry Taylor. As per its synopsis, the novel will see him “called in when just such a package is found, mysteriously abandoned in Stepney and stolen before the police can reclaim it. As security agencies around the world go to red alert, it is former SAS man Harry and his small team from the Met who must race against time to find who has the nuclear material and what they plan to do with it.”

The star wrote the novel while isolating during the pandemic, and has opened up about what inspired the move.

“I only read thrillers,” he told Xan Brooks. “I’m an adventure man, I’m not a literature person, so I’m not trying to replace Shakespeare here. But it’s based on something I once read about two dustmen, two rubbish collectors in the East End. And they find uranium in the rubbish.”

Fans of Caine have responded to the news on social media.

“Just ordered a few signed copies. Really looking forward to reading this, judging by the synopsis it looks brilliant,” one person wrote.

Another commented: “Guaranteed to be a best seller, especially if DCI Taylor blows the bloody doors off .. consider the pre-order done.”

A third wrote: “Just ordered a copy. Can’t wait for it to be November already.”

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