People Can’t Stop Laughing At Amber Heard’s Next Role

The 69th Taormina Film Festival will see the world premiere of In The Fire, a new movie starring Amber Heard.

According to Deadline, the actress will promote the movie in Sicily when it makes its festival debut on June 24.

Shockingly, Depp will also be promoting his movie there at the same time.

This comes after Amber Heard confirmed her decision to stay in Madrid during her first-ever interview conducted in Spanish.

The 37-year-old star, known for her roles in movies like Zombieland and Justice League, gained worldwide attention last year due to her highly publicized defamation case against her ex-husband, Johnny Depp.

Following the trial’s outcome, reports emerged suggesting that Heard had made significant changes to her life in an effort to distance herself from the public eye. There were rumours of her departure from Hollywood and a supposed name change, living under the alias Martha Jane Canary.

The Daily Mail reported that Heard had relocated to Spain with her young daughter, Oonagh, stating that she had quit the film industry and was content living away from the chaos.

A friend of Heard’s reportedly disclosed, “She’s bilingual in Spanish and is happy there, raising her daughter away from all the noise.”

Although she is in no rush to resume her acting career, the source mentioned that Heard would consider returning for the right project.

The actress surprised fans by confidently answering questions in fluent Spanish.

During the interview, conducted outside a property, a journalist inquired about her experience of her new life in Madrid. The Rum Diary actress responded enthusiastically, expressing her love for Spain.

When asked if she planned to stay in the country, she expressed her hope to do so, emphasizing her enjoyment of living there. When questioned about any upcoming film projects, Heard confirmed their existence before bidding farewell to the press.

Fans of the actress expressed their delight at the footage of Heard and commended her for moving forward with her life. Some comments highlighted her ability to adopt the Spanish accent, praising her authenticity.

Others expressed happiness for her personal growth and resilience, supporting her journey towards a positive future for herself and her daughter.

While enjoying a tranquil life in Spain, Heard is set to make her return to the big screen later this year.

She has been confirmed to appear in Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom, with a brief glimpse of her character seen in the latest trailer.

And now, it has been revealed that she is set to appear in a new movie In The Fire, in which Heard portrays a psychiatrist during a time when psychiatry was not a recognised scientific discipline.

The movie is a historical drama set in 1899 that centres on Heard, an American psychiatrist, as she visits a wealthy Colombian farm to investigate the issue of a troubled child who many people think is the devil.

The townpeople’s aggressive concerns make the psychiatrist’s efforts to analyse the child a struggle.

Dozens of people have shared their thoughts, with many laughing at the prospect of her new role, one social media user wrote: “She’s playing the one thing she needs irl.”

While another echoed: “Wait up, plays one or needs one?”

“What’s the name? So I don’t watch it by mistake!!! Hahah…” a third quipped.

The film will premier at the 69th Taormina Film Festival, alongside Johnny Depp’s new movie, Jeanne du Barry.


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