Netflix Viewers Say They Are ‘Scared To Be Alone’ After Watching Terrifying Horror Movie

Netflix users who saw the disturbing sequel Don’t Breathe 2, have stated they are “scared to be alone” after watching the flick.

The film has just launched on the streaming site, and viewers confessed that they were left “screaming and jumping” throughout the whole thing.

The 2016 version of the movie centred on a group of robbers seeking to make off with a large sum of money, however things don’t exactly go to plan when they enter the home of a blind man named Norman Nordstrom.

The 2021 follow-up also takes place years after the fatal house invasion, as Norman, a blind man, starts to face the consequences of his terrible past.

Many scared viewers of the movie flocked to Twitter after it was made available on Netflix to confess that they were now understandably afraid to remain at home alone.

One wrote: “More violent and gruesome than the first. Entire context changes from being scared of the blind guy to rooting for the blind guy.

“Thought it won’t work but it actually did. Perfect theatre moments. Major portion of film stays true to its home invasion genre.”

While a second said: “Don’t breathe 2, did what needed to be done. i may or may not have screamed/jumped a few times.”

“I finally watched Don’t Breathe 2 and my scary ass jumped the whole movie,” a third commented.

Another also tweeted: “Watching don’t breathe 2 and if you know me I do NOT do scary movies. Yeah, I’m not staying home by myself tonight! I’m outta here.”

It comes after Netflix released another hit horror on the site.

Now, Netflix has been releasing some seriously scary films on the platform recently, and one of the latest to hit the streaming service got a lot of people talking.

The 2013 short film Tin And Tina, which was also directed by Rubin Stein, was expanded upon and made available on the streaming giant last week.

The eerie Spanish film, which takes place in the 1980s, is about a young married couple named Lola and Adolfo who, after suffering a miscarriage, discover they can’t have children.

After struggling with bouts of depression, the pair decide to adopt twins named Tin and Tina from a convent.

Despite one nun warning the couple that “they are unique, special children,” the newlyweds decided to go ahead with the adoption, not thinking anything of it.

In the trailer, the husband tells the wife, “I know what you’re thinking, and they are just too old, and a bit strange.” 

However, after everything they’ve been through, the wife argues: “these children need to be loved – same as us, we need love,” adding: “Let us be a family.”

It’s safe to say she goes on to regret her decision.

The twin’s intensely devout religious upbringing causes them to become obsessed with sin, and they slowly threaten to destroy the couple’s lives, thus things begin to take a dark turn for the pair.

Some have likened the film to that of The Orphan, and The Others, with many claiming the twins are even scarier than the sisters in The Shining.

The synopsis reads: “After a traumatic miscarriage, a young couple adopts two peculiar twins from a convent whose obsession with religion soon disturbs the family.”

And it seems the film has gone down well with horror fans, as one Twitter user wrote: “Tin and Tina are literally the scariest children I’ve ever seen in a horror movie.”

A second said: “Watched that Tin and Tina movie last night. It was disturbing and odd. But I think I liked it.”

Someone else commented: “A movie hasn’t creeped me out as much in a while until now, Tin and Tina freaked me tf outtttt, anxiety thru the mf roof.”

While a fourth wrote: “Watched Tin and Tina on Netflix. You think The Shining twins were creepy… you ain’t seen nothing yet. They utterly creeped me out, and I will have nightmares for days.”

“This might not get much attention cuz it’s in Spanish but there’s this new Spanish horror movie on Netflix called Tin and Tina… for any horror fans. It’s worth it and it’s good. Reminds me of The Orphanage, The Others and Goodnight Mommy in some way,” another added.

Are you brave enough to watch them?

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