Lizzo Fans Rally Around Star As She Threatens To Quit Music

after Lizzo threatened to end her career due to insulting comments about her weight, thousands of fans have shown support for the musician against internet bullies, including SZA.

This comes after renowned singer Lizzo took to social media to address and confront vicious trolls who have relentlessly body-shamed her, while also expressing her frustration and contemplating stepping away from the spotlight.

The 35-year-old artist recently faced criticism for her weight following a performance in a cut-out ensemble.

One particular critic tweeted a video of Lizzo on stage and wrote a derogatory comment, questioning how she could be “this fat” considering her energetic movements.

In response to this tweet, the Truth Hurts singer didn’t hold back and fired back at the individual, stating, “I JUST logged on [on this] app, and this is the type of s**t I see about me on a daily basis.”

She expressed her growing disillusionment with the world, saying, “It’s really starting to make me hate the world.”

Lizzo continued by recounting an incident where someone in the comments suggested that she consumes a lot of fast food. Refuting this claim, she asserted, “I LITERALLY STOPPED EATING FAST FOOD YEARS AGO.”

Despite standing up to the trolls, Lizzo expressed her exhaustion at having to continually explain herself and seeing her name associated with unnecessary negativity.

When confronted with the notion that she embraces her size as part of her brand, Lizzo vehemently denied it, exclaiming, “I’m not trying to BE fat. I’m not trying to BE smaller. I’m literally just trying to live and be healthy. This is what my body looks like even when I’m eating super clean and working out!” She admitted to becoming increasingly agitated, stating, “I HATE IT HERE.”

Expressing her frustration, she revealed her contemplation of giving up on everyone and everything, opting instead to enjoy her success and focus on her relationship with her partner, Myke Wright, on a peaceful farm.

She expressed her exasperation with the constant barrage of negativity that appears on her timeline and for you pages.

Following Lizzo’s powerful response to the body-shaming, her fans quickly rallied to support her, showering her with words of encouragement. One devoted follower urged Lizzo to ignore the haters, emphasizing that their negativity is not worth her attention and reminding her of the millions of people she inspires worldwide. Another supporter chimed in, affirming Lizzo’s inherent beauty regardless of her appearance.

Lizzo’s unwavering fan base serves as a reminder of the love and admiration she garners, but it is clear that the incessant criticism takes its toll. As she navigates this challenging journey, it is crucial to remember that body-shaming and hateful comments have no place in our society, and we must strive to promote positivity, acceptance, and kindness.

Since then SZA has also publicly supported Lizzo in a series of Tweets. She questioned fans on Wednesday about what happened to them “when a genuine person needs defending.”

She asked social media users to “practise kindness” and added that the remarks had “been on her mind” and “made her upset.”

“I be wondering where all the virtue signalling, well spoken s*** talking, internet warriors are when someone genuine needs defending,” she wrote.

‘Where the f*** do y’all be at for Lizzo? Do y’all actually know how to support others or only tear them down?’ SZA questioned. 

One fan then Tweeted: “So people don’t go to war for Lizzo in this app?”

SZA replied: “NOT EF******NUFF. For as much free love, encouragement and positivity she embodies n shares on every app daily ? The ratios’s don’t add up.”

She continued: “I also dgaf who don’t agree. It’s been on my mind for a minute … makes me upset. Just want everyone to practice kindness and shutting tf up more often cause GADDAMN ITS UGLY OUTSIDE ALREADY. Why add?”

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