Netflix Fans Forced To Switch Off New Horror Movie After It Leaves Viewers Screaming In Terror

Viewers of scary movies aren’t easily phased, but one of Netflix’s latest viral offerings has even the bravest of horror fans quaking in their boots.

Originally released back in 2020, His House is a horror with a difference. The story revolves around a couple who make their escape from the war-torn country of South Sudan, but the English town that they reach to settle in is far from peaceful. In fact, there is something evil lurking under the surface that is about to haunt their lives.

The movie’s cast is a stellar one – Matt Smith of Doctor Who and The Crown stars alongside Wunmi Mosaku of Luther and Loki, as well as Sope Dirisu of Gangs of London.

Upon its release, the film was praised by critics for the way it merges political themes with the classic horror thrills. Critics loved His House so much that it has even got an impressive 100% score on Rotten Tomatoes, with every single one of its 122 viewers thinking of the film positively.

“First-time director Remi Weekes serves up plenty jump scares, but his real-world terrors are much more frightening,” Paul Bradshaw of NME wrote.

The Radio Times’ Emma Simmonds said: “Both visually and narratively imaginative, the film’s most impressive attribute is the fact that, despite the ghoulish happenings, it never loses sight of the stories that inspired it.”

Ordinary viewers of the movie have also been heaping it with praise, and have taken to social media to share their thoughts.

One wrote: “Y’all need to watch his house on Netflix it is insane.”

Another put: “His House on Netflix is pretty good!! Very different from the average horror movie. It’s about refugees escaping from Sudan.”

A third wrote: “10/10 I’ll think about it for days.”

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