Amber Heard Accused Of Doing This To Her Daughter

Fans are deeply concerned about Amber Heard and her daughter Oonagh after learning of a ‘creepy’ detail…

Heard has largely been unseen since losing her trial against Johnny Depp, and that appears to be no coincidence. The star has reportedly been using a pseudonym to avoid any attention.

The name she’s been going by was revealed after she used it to rent a villa.

Her newfound peace of mind is a stark contrast to the turmoil she experienced earlier this year during the most recent judicial processes related to the lingering repercussions of her marriage to Johnny Depp.

Following the 2 years they were married, the pair have spent many more years in and out of court over the divorce and a subsequent op-ed she penned about being a victim of domestic violence.

However, it does appear as if Heard is focusing on herself now, following the infamous trial that took over everyone’s lives.

The star has been seen enjoying time with her daughter, while reportedly renting a villa in Mallorca, Spain. The mansion was reportedly once on the market for 2.8 million Euros but was removed when she moved there.

The Spanish newspaper El Mundo reported that she used a different name to rent the property, presumably to not draw much attention to herself.

Locals have recognized her, but she has allegedly seamlessly blended into the community.

“Everyone here treats her like one of the others; in fact, she’s been in this town for months without anyone knowing,” a local resident told El Mundo.

The idea of anonymity must be ideal for Heard now after such a public trial. To further that anonymity, she used the name Martha Jane Cannary to rent the villa she’s staying at, according to El Mundo.

Martha Jane Cannary was the name of frontierswoman Calamity Jane, an iconic Wild West figure. As the story goes, after a lengthy career of swashbuckling and encountering crazy adventures, the frontierswoman finally traveled with Buffalo Bill’s Wild West Show and made performances across the nation.

Despite others slandering her and questioning her decisions, Cannary set her own route and handled things in her own way. There are still varying accounts of her today, including whether she was a saint or a criminal.

However, it isn’t this choice of name that fans have an issue with, but much rather the name of her daughter – Oonagh.

Per Just In, Depp’s 2 children, Jack and Lily-Rose, are named as such after characters from the 1985 movie Legend.

But it turns out that the name of Heard’s daughter actually comes from the flick too, albeit with a slightly different spelling. This fairy character called Oona actually falls in love with Jack.

Fans are thus accusing Heard of using her daughter in order to get back at Depp.

One wrote: “She wants Johnny to leave HER alone – is she serious? My God she is delusional and needs help. Heaven help her poor innocent baby, what hope has that child got with Amber as an example?”

While a second said: “She is obsessed with him and needs to listen to herself in what she is saying. She wants Johnny to leave her alone. Well then back off and stop stocking him and stop trying to take everything from him. He’s moving on with his life let him alone.”

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