Lana Del Rey Escorted Off Stage By Security After Glastonbury Organisers Cut Off Her Performance

Lana Del Rey’s Glastonbury set marked the songstress’ first gig in the UK in 4 years, but fans were left deflated after organisers cut off her mic mid-performance, and even went so far as to getting security to escort the star off the stage.

Now, Lana Del Rey is an absolute force of modern-day pop music. Since she rocked onto the scene back in 2011 with her debut single ‘Video Games’, the singer has grown a huge fanbase, who adore her unique mix of sounds.

With the release of her 2012 album Born to Die, Lana scored her first UK number-one album. She would go on to have 6 more.

Her sixth album, Norman F***ing Rockwell!, even scored the star a Grammy nomination, and has since been lauded as one of the best albums of all time by Rolling Stone magazine.

So, it’s no surprise that anticipation levels were high when Lana was first announced as being one of Glastonbury’s biggest names this year.

However, when the time came for her headline set on Saturday, fans were left waiting thirty whole minutes before the thirty-eight-year-old turned up.

“I’m so f***ing late they may cut my set,” she said.

Glastonbury’s 2 main stages, the Pyramid Stage and the Other Stage, both have midnight curfews.

“I’m sorry, my hair takes so long. If they cut the power, let’s keep going,” she added.

Then the star’s microphone was switched off, and she fell to her knees and removed her in-ear monitors. By this point, she had been performing for roughly an hour, and had 6 songs yet to play.

Lana attempted to speak to the crowd, but then the big screens were switched off. She then got down from the stage and began singing A Capella versions of some of her best known songs. However, not before long, security came to escort Lana away from fans to bring her set to an end.

Glastonbury is known for being strict with their set times for bigger acts, as if they overrun their curfew they can get in big trouble with the council.

Fans responded to the new, and took to social media to share their thoughts.

“Wasn’t she late for her last festival too!? If there’s one thing that should be universally agreed upon, is that it’s so unprofessional to be late for your show. Especially with her hair being the excuse. It’s actually really messed up,” one person wrote.

Another argued “Not sure they’d have cut Paul McCartney’s mic in that situation.”

A third joked: “Lana Del Rey is too real, late cause she’s doing her hair, stops singing to have a vape and now literally won’t leave. Me af!!!”

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