Mark Zuckerberg Issues Warning To Facebook Users Over Screenshotting Chats

Mark Zuckerberg has issued a warning to Facebook users over screenshotting chats in Messenger.

Created by Mark Zuckerberg back in 2004, Facebook is known for allowing users to create profiles, share updates, photos, and videos, and interact with friends, family, and more.

It provides a space for individuals to connect, communicate, and share content through posts and comments, and even offers various features like groups, events, and pages, catering to diverse interests and communities.

With billions of active users, Facebook has become an influential platform for everything from personal connections to business promotion, news dissemination, and social activism.

The company has since expanded to become Meta, which included other social apps such as Instagram and WhatsApp, as well as other products and services.

However, the latest update from the company’s CEO, Mark Zuckerberg, has users of the site rather concerned.

The thirty-nine-year-old warned users that a new update to Messenger will notify users if their disappearing message gets screenshotted by someone else.

“New update for end-to-end encrypted Messenger chats so you get a notification if someone screenshots a disappearing message,” he wrote. “We’re also adding GIFs, stickers, and reactions to encrypted chats too.”

It comes after the site introduced disappearing messages in a bid to compete with Snapchat’s feature of the same type. The official name for the Facebook edition of the limited time messages is Vanish Mode, and in order to activate it all you have to do is swipe up on your existing chats.

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