The Boys Season 4 Release Date Has Been Indefinitely Delayed

Season 4 of The Boys has been indefinitely delayed, despite the fact that they have already wrapped up filming on the show.

The creator of the series and its showrunner Eric Kripke has explained why this delay has come about.

Now, The Boys premiered back in 2019 and instantly became a hit with fans. Based on a comic of the same name, it follows a group of vigilantes who aim to combat superheroes who misuse their superpowers.

The synopsis reads: “The Boys is set in a universe in which superpowered people are recognized as heroes by the general public and owned by a powerful corporation, Vought International, which ensures that they are aggressively marketed and monetized.

“Outside of their heroic personas, most are arrogant and corrupt. The series primarily focuses on two groups: the titular Boys, vigilantes looking to keep the corrupted heroes under control, and the Seven, Vought International’s premier superhero team.

“The Boys are led by Billy Butcher, who despises all superpowered people, and the Seven are led by the egotistical and unstable Homelander. As a conflict ensues between the two groups, the series also follows the new members of each team: Hugh “Hughie” Campbell of the Boys, who joins the vigilantes after his girlfriend is killed in a high-speed collision by the Seven’s A-Train, and Annie January/Starlight of the Seven, a hopeful young heroine forced to face the truth about the heroes she admires.”

However, the latest update from the show is a sad one, as the show’s creator and showrunner has revealed that the release of season 4 has been delayed indefinitely.

He said that until the Writers Guild of America strikes are over, the show will not be released.

He tweeted: “When #Season4 drops depends on how long the #WGA Strike goes. No answer yet. Tell the studios to make a fair deal!

“2) To take that sting off, here’s fun art from S4. We spend hours making ourselves laugh with this stuff & its never even on screen,” he continued, and accompanied the tweet with a snap of a mock-up cereal box design.

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